So I left my full time job & am going to Europe for 5 weeks (and other updates)!

Posted on May 16th, 2016 by BreAnn

Hey readers!! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA for the past 10 months or so. Quite a LOT has had happened in my life and sadly it’s just been SO tough trying to keep up with blogging all the time!

SO, for now, here are a few updates:


Fiji Trip with my sis!

This past November, my sister Michelle and I flew out to gorgeous Fiji for a relaxing 7 nights in paradise! We were fortunate to be able to stay at some pretty luxurious resorts and had such wonderful experiences, including staying on a private island, visiting a Fijian village, scuba diving The Great White Wall, doing lots of snorkeling, and much more. I will (finally) be posting a blog entry about our trip shortly… stay tuned!


Five weeks in northern Europe

So… once again I’m headed off on a “longer” traveling adventure! I am leaving this Tuesday, May 17 and will be spending approximately one week in Ireland, two weeks in the UK, one week in Norway, and about 5 days in Sweden! I’m able to travel for so long at this moment because I actually just left my full time job. I did enjoy where I worked, but at this point in my career it was just time to move on to advance my professional development in graphic/web design. As I began to look for new jobs, it occurred to me that if I took another full time position immediately, I’d probably be in the same position as now: with very few vacation days. Concurrently, I had been talking to a friend in Sweden who will be moving out of Stockholm this summer (which means I’d have to visit her SOON if I wanted the see her while she still lived there), and suddenly I found myself booking 5 weeks around northern Europe!  I also have friends all over the UK, and some friends in Norway, hence the reason I tacked on those countries. Fortunately, since I often work freelance/contract jobs as a graphic designer, I can work a little while I travel, as well as make some cash on my own when I return to the US in late June! Also, since I’m constantly strategizing and accruing air miles and points, I pretty much will not need to pay for any of my flights and can cover probably a third to half of my accommodations!  Stay tuned for some upcoming posts about my European travels!


James update

I regret to inform you on the blog if you haven’t heard already, but James and I split up back in August (2015). I know this may come as a surprise to most. It was NOT an easy decision for either of us and we are still close friends. After spending an entire year traveling around the globe together, we couldn’t walk away from our relationship without a strong bond, love, and appreciation for one another. We both truly want happiness for one another and I can’t be anything more than appreciative and grateful for that!


Round the world video

After TWO-plus years since returning to the US after a crazy one-year around-the-world trip, James and I have almost finished our around-the-world video!  It’s a really fun music video type of production, and includes the both of us (and MANY friends around the world) dancing together in really cool locations in the 17 countries we visited. I am soooooooo excited about this video, I CANNOT wait to release it to the public!  Stay tuned…




10 responses to “So I left my full time job & am going to Europe for 5 weeks (and other updates)!”

  1. Corey Reels says:

    Hello BreAnn, just wanted to say best of luck on your trip. Have a blast. Take lots of pictures *it’s a joke, because I know you will* lol. Enjoy.

  2. Yvonne Kaminski says:

    Sounds great! My niece and her husband quit their jobs and are traveling through South America and Central America…They are having a blast and have learned Spanish. Traveling is a great education…Happy for you!

    • BreAnn BreAnn says:

      That’s amazing! South America and Central America are actually the only regions around the world I have barely traveled to! (Only been to Peru!) Definitely need to spend significant time down there at some point 🙂

  3. Good Luck love!!!
    Happy to see you happy. My great friend Roman also did the same.

    Working on redesigning my WP website now, probably could use your expertise. – xoxoxoxoox

  4. Carol Knudson says:

    It’s great you get to travel the way you do. You are racking up life irreplaceable experiences. Enjoy!

  5. Lexie says:

    Have a great adventure, Miss B. I can’t wait to read all about it. After meeting you in Fiji, I know you are going to be a delight to everyone you meet along the way. Have a great trip and be safe.

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