THE TOTAL Round-The-World-Trip COUNT!

Posted on September 10th, 2014 by BreAnn

After traveling for 330 days, you may have a LOT of “statistical” questions for us, such as: How much money did you spend? How many countries and continents did you travel to? How many flights did you take?

And you may like to know some random facts/statistics as well, such as: Did you know that we hitchhiked three times during our adventures?  We also scuba dived in 5 different countries.


There are a TON more interesting and amusing statistics from our trip you might enjoy… along with a few of our favorites and highlights.

Read on for all the stats! 🙂



We visited every continent except South America and Antarctica!!

–5 of the 7 continents in the world (North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe)
–18 countries (including the US)
–67 cities (plus 5 more in the US)


We traveled for 330 days total (or 357 days total if you include our first month traveling in the US)



$65.76 per day, per person – Average for the whole 330 days internationally (Feb 2013-Feb 2014)
$51.06 per day, per person – Average at the end of 2013 before the Safari portion of our trip… Which we budgeted more for since James worked for three months in Cape Town. (Our goal for the main portion of the trip was $55/day per person, so we reached that goal!!)

The most we spent was $207.52 per day, per person for our 20 day Africa trip (Kenya, Tanzania, Serengeti, Zanzibar, Malawi, Zambia)!—YIKES!  Hah… and this was a CAMPING TRIP!… just imagine how much more expensive it would be if we stayed in hotels or did anything luxury!! Sheesh… visiting Africa as a tourist (and doing Safari activities) is EXPENSIVE!!!

Second most expensive place was French Polynesia (Tahiti/Moorea) at $135.21 per day, per person.

The least we spent was $31.15 per day per person for the 50 days we spent in Thailand.

**Honorable mention to James, who spent a “whopping” $7.40 per day for the 29 days he spent in Cape Town, South Africa, while he was working crazy hours for a television show! (they paid for his/our housing, plus he got free lunch and some free dinners!)




During our travels abroad, we took:

  • 24+ planes together
  • 7 planes, James alone
  • 12 planes, BreAnn alone
  • 43+ trains (4+ of those were overnight trains)
  • 54+ buses
  • 1 overnight bus (and it was craaaazy!)
  • 60+ subway/metro trains
  • Uncountable taxis
  • 15+ tuk tuks
  • 17+ ferries (transportation)
  • 13+ boats (leisure activities)
  • 8+ automobiles, driven by our friends we met up with in different countries (Japan, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Norway)
  • 6+ bicycles
  • 6+ kayaks


We rented and drove ourselves:

Driving our rented motorbike around Vietnam!

  • 5 motorbikes (CatBa, Hue, and Hoi An in Vietnam, and two in Koh Phangan in Thailand)
  • 5 automobiles (driven by James… in Australia, South Africa, and Iceland)
  • 1 campervan, driven by James in Australia.
    **Note that in Thailand, Australia, and South Africa, they drive on the LEFT side of the road, so we had to get used to that!


We hitchhiked 3 times:
all on Moorea Island in French Polynesia, where everybody says it’s safe. One of the times it was raining and we sat in the back of a truck and felt VERY unsafe, and the other two times were extremely enjoyable and we met and talked to some very nice locals!


Longest flight, James:
17 hours from Johannesburg, South Africa to Atlanta, Georgia.

Longest flight, BreAnn:
15 hours from Seoul, South Korea to Nairobi, Kenya.

Longest train ride:
24+ hours in China on trains on the way to Zhangjiajie (a gorgeous forest in the middle of nowhere really)



Number of vaccinations we had to get for the trip:
8 different types of vaccinations, administered in 13 different shots over time!
(read more about our vaccinations here)


Only clothing items we had to wear (and wash again and again) FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR:

  • 6-7 short sleeve shirts (each)
  • 3 pairs of pants each (one pair jeans, one hiking pants, one “nicer” pants that are also sporty)
  • 1 dress (BreAnn)
  • 1 pair of pajamas (each)
  • 3 pairs of shoes, each (one pair hiking/walking shoe, one running pair shoes, one pair sandals. BreAnn also had a dressy pair of sandals as well!)

(click here to read more about what we packed for the whole year)


Teaching English to kids in Kenya


We volunteered for three weeks teaching English to children:
Two weeks in Thailand, and
One week in Kenya.


We scuba dived in 5 different countries:

We also went out on a boat in South Africa for shark cage diving!!


We spent 34 days total, camping:


Total photos and videos taken:
30,000+ !!!
  (see some select photos here and videos here)



We traveled for 330 days total (or 357 days total if you include our first month traveling in the US)


We spent the most time in:
South Africa (96 days for James, 67 days for me), only because James got a job there and we had free housing while he worked for three months.

Second and third were Thailand, at 50 days, and China, at 43 days.


We spent the least time (2 days each) in:
three different countries: South Korea, Zimbabwe, and Norway. Only two days/nights in each of these countries—Awww, sad…. So short!


Here’s a rundown of how many days we spent in each country for ALL countries we traveled to:
(the countries are listed in the order that we visited them)

French Polynesia 14
Japan 22
Hong Kong 8
China 43
Vietnam 28
Cambodia 8
Thailand 50
Australia (together) 13
Australia (BreAnn alone) 28
South Africa (James alone) 29
South Africa 2013 (together) 67
South Korea 2
Kenya 9
AFRICA tour (Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, and Zambia) 19
Zimbabwe 2
South Africa 2014 / Kruger Park 7
Norway 2
Iceland 7



Worst memory… CRAZY tour guide guy in Vietnam!

Best story/memory:
Proposal in Thailand! (read about it here)

Funniest story/memory:
Our sick adventures hiking up a mountain in China!… it’s actually ironic this is one of the funniest stories, because at the time it was a pretty horrible experience! (read the story here)

Worst story/memory:
Our short tour in Vietnam to Cambodia where the guide nearly attacked us! (read about it here)




Japan:  Extremely nice and helpful people, fast and on time transportation, everything was SO clean, people and things were very cute, fascinating culture, and many gorgeous monuments/temples/etc.

Our cute little house in Thailand for $330 for one month!

Thailand:  Amazing food, beautiful Islands, pretty easy to get around, people speak English (for the most part), diverse culture, EVERYTHING IS SUPER CHEAP and you can travel there for SO long on very little money!

South Africa: Extremely interesting and diverse culture, Cape Town was amazingly gorgeous with lots of hiking and beautiful ocean views, decent prices (well, cheaper than LA for sure), people speak English, we personally had a lot of great social experiences there, and Kruger park and doing your own safari is absolutely incredible it’s really impossible to put into words how cool it is!!

Honorable mention: Iceland! OMG, we’ve NEVER been anywhere else in the world quite as unique and incredible as Iceland!! SO many unique and amazing discoveries there: waterfalls, glaciers, lava caves, black sand beaches, volcanoes, and THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!



We had a lot of really amazing experiences and memories in the following places, but stacked up against the other 14 countries, these three were our least favorite:

China: I couldn’t possibly count how many days James and I were both sick (stomach sickness and sinus infections from the horrible pollution) in China, but out of the 6 weeks we were there, I can tell you we probably had some kind of sickness or irregularities for 5 weeks that we were there!… and that was WITH taking precautions! Besides that, it was the most culture shock for us, compared to all the other countries we traveled through: really strange/creepy foods everywhere, really strange/creepy smells on the streets everywhere

Gross Chinese squat/ground toilets! Hope you have good aim!

you go, THERE ARE SOOOO MANY PEOPLE everywhere that streets and shops and everything is super crowded, nobody speaks English and most locals are rude and unhelpful (for the most part), bathrooms are usually smelly and dirty and there are mainly only squat toilets with no TP or soap, trains are slow and always late (unless you are going direct to main cities), kids go to the bathroom on the streets, and people will TOTALLY run you down with their cars/buses/mopeds/whatever when you try to cross the road!

Vietnam: We did have some lovely experiences and memories here (Halong Bay and Catba Island were AWESOME!), but again we found ourselves sick a lot in Vietnam. Also, most people in Vietnam are trying to scam you at all times and tourists are charged like 5 times more than the locals for everything. Hanoi wasn’t too exciting and Ho Chi Minh was interesting but INSANELY crowded with a billion motorbikes. Mekong Delta was NOT worth seeing for more than a day. Oh yea, and we pretty much got attacked by a Vietnamese tour guide on the way out of the country and could have possibly got arrested. Yikes!

Zambia: Nothing against Zambia, but we really didn’t spend much time here… it all just whizzed by out the window of a bus on our tour! However, from what I know, there’s not a ton to see/do here except Victoria Falls, which is actually better to view from the Zimbabwe side anyway! (we DID bungee jump, though, see videos and read the story here!!)



We visited 17 countries (not including the US):

  1. French Polynesia
  2. Japan
  3. Hong Kong
  4. South Korea
  5. China
  6. Vietnam
  7. Cambodia
  8. Thailand
  9. Australia
  10. South Africa
  11. Kenya
  12. Tanzania (and Zanzibar, which used to be separate from Tanzania)
  13. Malawi
  14. Zambia
  15. Zimbabwe
  16. Norway
  17. Iceland



We visited 67 cities/Islands (plus 5 cities in the U.S.), staying overnight in hostels/hotels/campsites in 56 different cities.

  1. Tahiti, French Polynesia
  2. Moorea, French Polynesia
  3. Tokyo, Japan
  4. Nagano, Japan*
  5. Suzaka, Japan
  6. Matsumoto, Japan*
  7. Nagoya, Japan
  8. Kyoto, Japan
  9. Nara, Japan*
  10. Hiroshima, Japan
  11. Miyajima Island, Japan*
  12. Fukuoka, Japan
  13. Nagasaki, Japan*
  14. Seoul, South Korea
  15. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  16. Lantau Island, Hong Kong*
  17. Guangzhou, China
  18. Guilin, China
  19. Yangshou, China
  20. Longsheng, China*
  21. Zhangjiajie, China
  22. Wulingyuan, China
  23. Xi’an, China
  24. Beijing, China
  25. Mutianyu Great Wall of China*
  26. Hanoi, Vietnam
  27. Cat Ba Island, Vietnam (Halong Bay)
  28. Hue, Vietnam
  29. Hoi An, Vietnam
  30. Nha Trang, Vietnam
  31. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  32. Mekong Delta, Vietnam
  33. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  34. Siem Reap, Cambodia
  35. Trat, Thailand (volunteered here for two weeks)
  36. Bangkok, Thailand
  37. Koh Phangan, Thailand (lived here for one month)
  38. Koh Tao, Thailand
  39. Port Douglas, Australia
  40. Cairns, Australia
  41. Airlie Beach, Australia
  42. Brisbane, Australia
  43. Gold Coast (Surfers Beach), Australia (BreAnn only)
  44. Byron Bay, Australia (BreAnn only)
  45. Sydney, Australia (BreAnn only)
  46. Melbourne, Australia (BreAnn only)
  47. Adelaide, Australia (BreAnn only)
  48. Cape Town, South Africa (lived here for three months)
  49. Johannesburg, South Africa
  50. Kruger National Park, South Africa
  51. Seoul, South Korea
  52. Nairobi, Kenya
  53. Maasai Mara, Kenya (volunteered here for one week)
  54. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
  55. Ngorongoro Convervation Area, Tanzania
  56. Arusha, Tanzania
  57. Zanzibar, Tanzania
  58. Kande Beach on Lake Malawi, Malawi
  59. Lusaka, Zambia
  60. Livingstone, Zambia
  61. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
  62. Oslo, Norway
  63. Reykjavik, Iceland*
  64. Selfoss, Iceland
  65. Vik, Iceland
  66. Höfn, Iceland
  67. Akranes, Iceland

*didn’t spend the night


ANNNNND… in case you want to see the entire log of all our transportation options along the way, below is a ridiculously long list of how we got from place to place…  (and if not, please scroll to the bottom of this post and leave a comment about your reaction to our statistics!!  Thanks!!)



FLIGHTS (2): Milwaukee > Los Angeles > Tahiti
BUSES/FERRIES: (3) Tahiti (b) > Pape’ete port (f) > Moorea port (b) > Moorea
BUSES/HITCHHIKING (7+): Traveled around Moorea Island by bus and 3 times hitchhiking!
BUSES/FERRIES: (4) Moorea (b) > Moorea port (f) > Pape’ete port (b) > Tahiti (van) > Tahiti
BUSES/FERRIES: (6) Tahiti (b) > Pape’ete port (f) > Moorea port (b) > Moorea . . . then Moorea (b) > Moorea port (f) > Pape’ete port (b) > Tahiti airport
FLIGHTS (2): Tahiti > Los Angeles > Tokyo, Japan
METRO/SUBWAYS (10+): Took the metro EVERYWHERE all over Tokyo
TRAINS (2): Tokyo > Nagano > Suzaka (JAPAN)
TRAINS (4): Suzaka > Nakano > Yudanaka > Nakano > Suzaka (JAPAN)
TRAINS (4): Suzaka > Nagano > Matsumoto > Nagoya (JAPAN)
AUTOMOBILE: We were driven all over Nagoya by a friend
TRAINS (2): Nagoya (local) > Nagoya > Kyoto (JAPAN)
TRAINS (2): Kyoto > Nara > Kyoto (JAPAN)
TRAINS (2): Kyoto > Osaka > Hiroshima (JAPAN)
TRAINS (4): Hiroshima (local) > Hiroshima > Miyajima Island > Hiroshima > Hiroshima (local) (JAPAN)
TRAINS (2): Hiroshima > Fukuoka (JAPAN)
TRAINS (2): Fukuoka > Nagasaki > Fukuoka (JAPAN)
FLIGHTS (2): Fukuoka, Japan > Taiwan > Hong Kong, Hong Kong
METRO/SUBWAYS (10+): Took the metro EVERYWHERE all over Hong Kong
BUS/TRAIN: (4): Hong Kong > Shenzhen, China > Guangzhou, China > Shenzhen, China > Hong Kong
BUS/FLIGHT: (2) Hong Kong > Shenzhen, China > Guilin, China
VAN/TOUR: (1) Guilin to Longsheng rice terraces (CHINA)
BUS: (1) Guilin to Yangshou (CHINA)
BICYCLE RENTALS: (2) Yangshou, China
BUS/TRAIN: (3): Yangshou (b) > Guilin (t) > Luzhou (t) > Zhangjiajie (CHINA)
BUSES/TAXIS: (10+): Took buses (and a couple taxis) all over Zhangjiajie & Wulingyuan (CHINA)
TRAINS: (2): Zhangjiajie > somewhere? > Xi’an (CHINA)
BICYCLE RENTALS: (1) Xi’an, tandem bike—whooo!
BUSES: (10+): Took local buses all over Xi’an, China
TRAIN (1): Xi’an > Beijing (CHINA)
METRO/SUBWAYS (10+): Took the metro EVERYWHERE all over Beijing, China
FLIGHTS (2): Beijing, China > Hong Kong > Hanoi, Vietnam
BUSES/FERRIES: (4) Hanoi (b) > somewhere? (b) > some port area (f) > Cat Ba Island port (b) > Cat Ba town (VIETNAM)
MOTORBIKE (3): We rented a motorbike for many of the days we were on Cat Ba Island, and drove ALLLL over the Island! (VIETNAM)
BOAT/KAYAK: Took a boat tour of Halong Bay and did some kayaking! (VIETNAM)
BUSES/FERRIES (4) Cat Ba town (b) > Cat Ba Island port (f) > some port area (b) > somewhere else? (b) > Hanoi  (VIETNAM)
TRAINS (2): Hanoi > somewhere > Hue (VIETNAM)
MOTORBIKE (1) Rented a motorbike one day while we were in Hue (VIETNAM)
TRAIN/TAXI (2) Hue (tr) > Da Nang (ta) > Hoi An (VIETNAM)
MOTORBIKE (1) Rented a motorbike one day while we were in Hoi An (VIETNAM)
FLIGHT/TAXI (3) Hoi An (ta) > Da Nang (f) > Nha Trang airport (ta) > Nha Trang (VIETNAM)
BUS, OVERNIGHT (1) Nha Trang > Ho Chi Minh (VIETNAM)
BUSES (4+)  Took buses around the city and on a tour around Ho Chi Minh
BUSES/BOATS: (8+) Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam > Mekong Delta, Vietnam > Phnom Penh, Cambodia … tons of buses and boats on a tour through Mekong Delta and over the border of Vietnam to Cambodia
TUK TUKS (4+): Took tuk tuks all over Phnom Penh (CAMBODIA)
BUSES (2): Phnom Penh > somewhere > Siem Reap (CAMBODIA)
TUK TUKS (6+): Took tuk tuks all over Siem Reap and the amazing temples! (CAMBODIA)
BUS/VAN/TAXI (4): Siem Reap, Cambodia (b) > somewhere, Cambodia (b) > Cambodia/Thailand border (van) > Trat, Thailand (taxi) > Trat, Thailand
AUTOMOBILE: Was driven all around Trat, Thailand while we were volunteering for two weeks (THAILAND)
BUSES/TRAINS (2): Trat (b) > Bangkok (tr) > Bangkok (THAILAND)
FLIGHT/VANS/FERRY/TAXI (4): Bangkok (fl) > Koh Samui (v) > Koh Samui port (fe) > Koh Phangan port (v) > Koh Phangan  (THAILAND)
MOTORBIKES (2) Rented a motorbike for a few days when we arrived to Koh Phangan, but then rented another motorbike for an entire MONTH while we lived in a house on the Island! (THAILAND)
TAXIS (10+): When we went to any parties in town, etc, we took taxis everywhere on Koh Phangan!
BOATS (1): Scuba boat while scuba diving off Koh Phangan, Thailand
TAXIS/FERRIES (6):  Koh Phangan (t) > Koh Phangan port (f) > Koh Tao port (t) > Koh Tao city (t) >  Koh Tao port (f) > Koh Phangan port (t) > Koh Phangan house (THAILAND)
BOATS (2): Two different scuba boats while scuba diving in Koh Tao, Thailand
KAYAK (1): Kayaked from Koh Tao out to another little island (kind of scary!)
FERRIES/BUSES/TRAINS (4):  Koh Phangan port (f) > Surat Thani port (b) > somewhere (tr) > Bangkok (tr) > Bangkok
METRO/SUBWAYS/FERRIES (10+): Took the metro EVERYWHERE all over Bangkok, Thailand, plus a few ferries (THAILAND)
FLIGHTS (2): Bangkok, Thailand > Sydney, Australia > Cairns, Australia
AUTOMOBILE (1): Rented a car and drove Cairns > Port Douglas > Cairns (AUSTRALIA)
BOATS (2): Two different scuba boats while scuba diving in The Great Barrier Reef (AUSTRALIA)
CAMPERVAN (1): Cairns > Airlie Beach > Hervey Bay > Brisbane.  Rented a campervan (nearly for free!) for three days and drove ourselves down the east coast of Australia
AUTOMOBILE (1): Rented a car in Brisbane to visit a zoo and then drop James off at the airport. (AUSTRALIA)
FLIGHTS (3) JAMES:  Brisbane, Australia > Singapore > Johannesburg, South Africa > Cape Town, South Africa
TRAINS (2): BREANN: Brisbane > Gold Coast > Surfer’s Paradise (AUSTRALIA)
BUSES (2): BREANN: Surfer’s Paradise > Byron Bay > Surfer’s Paradise (AUSTRALIA)
KAYAK (1): BREANN: Kayaking around Byron Bay on a whale watching tour (AUSTRALIA)
FLIGHT (1): BREANN: Surfer’s Paradise > Sydney (AUSTRALIA)
METRO/SUBWAYS/FERRIES (10+): BREANN: Took the metro EVERYWHERE all over Sydney, plus a few ferries.
AUTOMOBILE (1): BREANN: My friends, Megs and Alex, drove me around a bit while I stayed with them in Sydney
FLIGHT (1): BREANN:  Sydney > Melbourne (AUSTRALIA)
AUTOMOBILE (2): BREANN: Friends, Justine and Bernie, drove me around a bit while I stayed with them in Melbourne
METRO/SUBWAYS (10+): BREANN: Took the metro EVERYWHERE all over Melbourne
FLIGHT (1): BREANN:  Melbourne > Adelaide (AUSTRALIA)
AUTOMOBILE (1): BREANN: My friend, Janelle, drove me around a bit while I stayed with her in Adelaide
FLIGHTS (3) BREANN:  Adelaide, Australia > Singapore > Johannesburg, South Africa > Cape Town, South Africa
AUTOMOBILES (6+): Friends drove us around a bit in Cape Town (South Africa), and James had a carpool every day to work. We rented a car twice for trips around the area.
TAXIS (10+): The only/main way to get around Cape Town! (SOUTH AFRICA)
BOAT (1): Went shark cage diving with a group!
FLIGHTS (4) JAMES:  Cape Town, South Africa > Johannesburg, South Africa > Atlanta, Georgia, US > Sacramento, California, US
FLIGHTS (2): BREANN: Cape Town > Johannesburg > Cape Town (SOUTH AFRICA)
AUTOMOBILE (1): BREANN: A friend in Johannesburg, Nicole, drove me around town. (SOUTH AFRICA)
FLIGHTS (4) BREANN:  Cape Town, South Africa > Dubai, United Arab Emirates > Seattle, Washington, US > Sacramento, California, US
FLIGHT (1): San Francisco, CA > Seoul, South Korea
TRAINS (4): From the airport into Seoul City, and back
FLIGHTS (1): Seoul, South Korea > Nairobi, Kenya
VANS (2): Picked up from the Nairobi airport and brought wayyyy out to Maasai Mara, Kenya
TRUCK/TOUR BUS (1): Was transported in this tour “truck” for our 20 day camping trip through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, and Zambia
SAFARI VEHICLES (2): Around the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania
FERRIES (2): From Tanzania > Zanzibar > Tanzania
BOAT (1): Scuba boat in Zanzibar
BOAT (1): Scuba boat on Malawi Lake
TAXIS (4+): Around Zambia to Zimbabwe
FLIGHT (1): Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe > Johannesburg, South Africa
AUTOMOBILE (1): Rented a car in Johannesburg, South Africa, and drove out to Kruger National Park for a 5 day self-drive safari adventure!
SAFARI VEHICLE (1): Did one safari ride in Kruger National Park
FLIGHTS (3): Johannesburg, South Africa > Amsterdam, The Netherlands > Oslo, Norway
TRAINS (3+): Took a few trains from the airport to Oslo city to meet our friends. (NORWAY)
AUTOMOBILE (1): Our friends, Gro and Andreas drove us around the city a bit.  (NORWAY)
FLIGHT (1): Oslo, Norway > Reykjavik, Iceland
AUTOMOBILE (1): Rented a car in Iceland for the week!
FLIGHT (1): Reykjavik, Iceland > Oslo, Norway
Our friends, Gro and Andreas drove us around the city a bit.  (NORWAY)
FLIGHTS (3): Oslo, Norway > Amsterdam, The Netherlands > Atlanta, Georgia, US > Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

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