Plane differences in men and women

Posted on January 14th, 2014 by BreAnn

“On the plane, women shrink and curl up in seats to avoid contact with strangers, but men spread out and take up legroom—and the armrest.”  Haha!  I saw an illustration online awhile ago with a list of differences between men and women when they travel, and it made me giggle to myself… because not only are most of these comments true, but they apply to James and I quite a bit!

James definitely spreads out in his seat on a plane, and I definitely keep more to myself and get irritated if anybody sitting next to me (even him) bumps me or takes over the armrest when I’m trying to sleep!  In addition, I’m usually more of a “window seat” kind of girl, and James is more of an “aisle seat” kind of guy, which can sometimes be challenging when we’re on a transatlantic flight with a section of three seats together by a window. Hmm… do we take an aisle seat and a middle, or a window seat and a middle?  What to do… what to do?

Do you agree with the “plane differences” listed below? Do any of them apply to you?




3 responses to “Plane differences in men and women”

  1. Ann says:

    Marty and I have the same issue! He prefers aisle and I prefer window. We sometimes book that on a flight and hope no one sits in the middle, but it rarely works out anymore and we usually end up switching with someone.

  2. Amit says:

    Kim and I are the same. I like the aisle and she wants the window. We usually end up giving up the window seat if someone sits between us.

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