TRIP UPDATE: Job opportunity in South Africa!

Posted on September 12th, 2013 by BreAnn

So, let me catch you up to speed with our current travels…  I realize it may be slightly confusing, as I’m always about one month behind in my blog posts, but here it goes:

James and I flew from Thailand to Australia on August 23rd, and then spent a couple weeks along the east coast in Queensland. We recently decided we would end our round-the-world trip in early December and be back home in the states just in time for Christmas. Our rough travel plan was to spend 1-2 months in Australia and New Zealand in August and September, head to India in October for a few weeks, and then fly to Africa in November and travel from Kenya down to South Africa.

And then, of course, once you start making plans, LIFE steps in! — but in our situation, this time in was in a GOOD way…



How random, huh?  Turns out, a guy James has worked for in the past in Los Angeles just happened to be out in South Africa producing/directing on a TV show, and guess what?–he needed an editor!

It’s a four-month job (all of James’ jobs are show-to-show, so the longest he usually works on one show at a time is seven to ten months), and not only is he getting paid a normal salary, but his/our accommodations will be covered as well!  The one stipulation, however, is that he needed to be in South Africa IMMEDIATELY, so unfortunately he had to cut Australia short and actually flew out last week Thursday.

But I actually ended up STAYING in Australia on my own, as we still have plans and commitments to friends already scheduled in Sydney… and THEN I figured I might as well stay in the country a little longer and travel a couple extra weeks so that I can finish Australia “properly.” 🙂   Sadly, we WILL have to cut out New Zealand on this trip, but it’s really too expensive for our budget right now, and plus this time of year it’s winter there and it’s very COLD!

So right now I am currently still in Australia— in Sydney at the moment— staying at a friend’s house, then I will journey down to Melbourne for one week, and then will finish in Adelaide before flying out to South Africa on October 3rd to join James.

Beautiful Cape Town will be our new “home” for four months!

We both are SO excited about Cape Town!!  Not only is this a really great career opportunity for James, but it’s also a great traveling opportunity for the both of us! In addition, we both realized (from this trip) that we do SO much better—individually and as a couple—when we travel SLOWER, and are able to stay somewhere for a longer length of time. So, this is such an exciting opportunity for us to grow career-wise, relationship-wise, personally, and culturally!

The updated travel plan now is as follows:

  • James is currently in Cape Town, South Africa, I am currently in Sydney, Australia.  Check out our updated, fun map here!
  • I will fly out to Cape Town on October 3rd to join James.
  • We will both remain in Cape Town through mid-January, when his job will end.
  • I/we may travel around South Africa a bit during the four months we are there (I have a friend in Johannesburg), and/or maybe to a neighboring country. I would love to volunteer somewhere… please let me know if you have any connections or recommendations in Cape Town, or possibly anywhere in Africa.
  • I will probably try to pick up some freelance design work, meantime, so if you or anybody you knows needs a website or blog site created, or needs any other design work (business cards, invitations, etc.) or photo retouching, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!
  • When James’ job is over in January, we plan to travel north from South Africa through several countries up to Kenya.
  • In February, we will backtrack and fly to India, to get our three weeks traveling in there (which is GOOD, because February is actually a much better time to travel in India than October like we originally planned).
  • We would like to end our trip somewhere in the Caribbean or similar: basically, just somewhere tropical, relaxing, and affordable. Any recommendations?
  • We need to return to the United States by February 26, 2014, as our round-the-world plane ticket will expire then!

So that’s the lowdown!

Yep, LOTS of exciting things happening for us lately!


**Please email me personally, or comment below if you have any contacts in Melbourne, Australia (I’m traveling by myself, so any connections would be great!), any recommendations about volunteer work in Africa, or any suggestions or advice about Cape Town or South Africa in general.



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