A guide to Aussie slang

Posted on November 7th, 2013 by BreAnn

As an English-speaker, you may think going to Australia means you’ll be able to understand the people and communicate easily 100% of the time, right?  Well, not completely, actually.  The Australians also have a LOT of slang words and phrases of their own that can leave an American standing there, dumbfounded, and often repeatedly saying, […]

Sydney – Oh so amazing!

Posted on August 29th, 2010 by BreAnn

Sorry!–I’m totally behind on posting (obviously), but FYI– I actually returned to the US last Sunday (August 22) and been trying to get back into the swing of things of everyday life after vacation. Meanwhile, I’m going to catch up with my blogs from Australia the next week or so, so… enjoy! 🙂 So, we arrived […]

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