Dancing Around The World – Inspirational and Fun Travel Video!

Posted on March 1st, 2017 by BreAnn

On February 26, 2013, James and I set out on an amazing, incredible, and life-changing one year journey around the world. Throughout Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and the U.S. we immersed ourselves in the fascinating culture, experienced many beautiful landscapes and monuments, had a lot of crazy adventures, and met and traveled with SO many incredible people from all over the world. This fun around-the-world dancing video is the culmination of that entire year… and this particular song was selected because it represents EVERYBODY in the world—no matter their race, religion, nationality, or beliefs—coming TOGETHER, through love, understanding, gratitude, generosity, fun, and DANCE! 🙂 I really DO hope and believe that, “One day, we’ll be TOGETHER”!! 🙂 <3 <3

Directed by BreAnn Mueller and James Kilton
Edited by James Kilton
Song selection and choreography by BreAnn Mueller
Song by Bob Sinclar, featuring Steve Edwards

See over 100 personal videos of this incredible year-long trip here: https://www.youtube.com/user/breannaroundtheworld

More information, blog posts, photos, and stories about this year-long adventure here: http://new.breannaroundtheworld.com/rtw/

Countries featured: French Polynesia, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Norway, Iceland, and the United States of America (including Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, and Milwaukee)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all our wonderful friends and family who supported us throughout this whole adventure!! Thank you, also, to the many amazing people we’ve met along the way, and many incredible friends who met up with us on our trip and/or hosted us during our travels! Look closely and you’ll catch a glimpse of these lovely people:
0:33 – Meaw Chanphum Natthaporn Trakul’s students (Trat, Thailand) – more students appear again at 5:00 and 5:05
0:45 – Gro Lero (Oslo, Norway)
0:53 – Haha— Rebecca Watry’s apartment with my packing :p lol!!!
1:23 – Ann Skibosh and Natanya Porto (New Orleans, Louisiana USA – Mardi Gras)
1:36 – Julie Ulmen and Beth Combs (Chicago, Illinois USA)
1:45 – Dawn Meddaugh’s daughter, Mikayla, flashed by in the sled wipeout scene! (Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA)
2:20 – Masivu NK (Kenya) and G Adventures
2:38 – Hiroko Nishikawa Takaoka and 西川達夫 and other members of Jennifer Yamamoto’s family (Nagoya, Japan)
2:40 – An AMAZING and fun group of Norwegian science students we never got any contact info from!! Wish we could tag them here! (Kyoto, Japan)
2:43 – Naomi Kishimoto (Nara, Japan)
2:49 – Bernie Kuran and Justine Lesnie Kuran’s awesome little daughters! (Melbourne, Australia)
2:56 – Alex Blyth and Megs Hermann (Sydney, Australia – Manley Beach)
3:00 – Janelle Holberton (Adelaide, Australia)
4:07 – Marty Skibosh and Ann Skibosh (Great Barrier Reef, Australia)—-they also appear again in the video at 6:15
4:16 – Oonagh Howley, Adam Smith, Charlotte Hamer, and Joe Flavell (Tanzania) —-they also appear again in the video at 6:00
4:45 – Eric Locko, Danielle Anderson, Katie Meehan, Ian Asbjørnsen, David Smith, and Michelle Davy (Cape Town, South Africa)
4:54 – J.R. Martinez (Cape Town, South Africa – shark cage diving)
5:00 – Meaw Chanphum’s students (Trat, Thailand)
5:02 – Liz Wonnacott and Andy Wonnacott (Koh Phangan, Thailand)
5:05 – Meaw Chanphum’s private tutoring students (Trat, Thailand)
5:33 – Lara Fernández and Pia Olivari
6:00 – Oonagh Howley, Adam Smith, Charlotte Hamer, and Joe Flavell appear in several shots here! (Tanzania)
6:11 – Anita Wieser
6:15 – Ann Skibosh and Marty Skibosh (Great Barrier Reef, Australia)
OH RIGHT—and we CANNOT FORGET the “star” of this video——and the biggest love of my life!!——SONNY!!!! Who ties the entire video together by appearing in the beginning, middle, and very end of this production! 🙂 <3



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  1. Glenda Rieger says:

    Wow, really love this video! Thanks for always sharing. You are such an inspiration!

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