Posted on April 16th, 2015 by BreAnn

Vietnam was full of color and GORGEOUS vistas… especially throughout the amazing mystical landscapes of Halong Bay.

Below are some of our BEST scenic photos from our time in Vietnam. Enjoy!… and please comment below on which are your favorite(s)!

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1. Gorgeous Halong Bay


2. Kayaking through a cave


3. Hoi An fun


4. Streets of Hanoi


5. Catba Island beach


6. Paddling through the Mekong Delta


7. Vietnamese lanterns


8. Floating village in Halong Bay


9. Halong Bay vista


10. Catba Island valley


11. Crazy traffic in Saigon


12. Huế Imperial City bridge


13. Mekong Delta boat traffic

Which one(s) are your favorites?  Please comment below!




Meanwhile, for fun… here is a CRAZY video of us driving our motorbike through CROWDED traffic streets in Vietnam!

One response to “SCENIC PHOTOGRAPHY: Best of Vietnam”

  1. Ann says:

    1 and 2, such gorgeous scenery!

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