UPDATE: Hello from Los Angeles!

Posted on March 27th, 2014 by BreAnn

Just wanted to update you folks on our whereabouts lately with a few fun photos!  We are excited to be back to sunny Los Angeles as of one week ago! As we mentioned in a previous post, we returned to the US on February 26th, and spent two weeks in Wisconsin. It was a lovely stay filled with good quality time with family and friends, but we weren’t too excited about the weather being between 5 and 25 degrees Fahrenheit the whole time we were there!

James, a native Californian, is normally FREEZING any time we visit Wisconsin in the winter (who wouldn’t be!?), but seemed to  handle it MUCH better this time around… perhaps after adapting to our cold adventures in South Korea and Iceland?? Either way, I was surprised one morning when I woke up to the sound of scraping snow and ice outside, and peered out to the front of the house to see this:

James was shoveling snow!  Funny enough, this was the first time James has ever shoveled snow in his life!!… or has ever really seen this much snow in one place at one time for that matter 🙂

After two weeks in Wisconsin, we once again packed up our stuff and jumped on a plane to Sacramento—but NOW our darling little Sonny has rejoined us for more traveling fun!!

Sonny has spent the past year being cared for and spoiled rotten by my mother (and husband, Jim) and my sister, Michelle (and Michelle’s boyfriend, Brent)! The two households took turns watching the dog –my mom during the week and my sister on the weekends– and they all became very attached to the little guy, so I felt pretty sad taking Sonny away from them after an entire year!  But I was also excited to finally be reunited FOR GOOD with my darling little pup, who spent the first week in Wisconsin pretty pissed at James and I (for leaving him for so long) and kind of avoided us most of the time we spent at my mother’s house.

Fortunately, after one week away from his Wisconsin family, Sonny finally began to cling to us again, showing us his doggie smile in the mornings and cuddling with us at night!

We then flew to Sacramento on March 11th and spent almost one week in Sacramento with James’ family, visiting and also car shopping for me.  James kept his car at his aunt and uncle’s house while we were gone, but I sold my car before our big trip last year and it was the first order of action for me to buy a new car upon our return to California.

After TONS of research (you wouldn’t expect anything less of me, right?), test drives, and visiting dealerships and lots, I was excited to come out with this baby:

And FYI: if you’re looking for a reliable, 4-door sedan, this Mazda3 is a really good pick, according to my research! (So is the Mazda6, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, and the Honda Accord as well!)

Once we got the car situation under wraps, James and I drove our cars down to Los Angeles and spent one week with friends on the westside. Meanwhile, a friend-of-a-friend (a couple in Glendale) happened to be looking for somebody to house-sit for the entire month of April, and it basically worked out PERFECT for both them and for us: we were currently in transition with no place to live in Los Angeles yet, and they had hoped to find somebody to stay in their house and watch over the place (and feed their two outdoor cats) for the five weeks they are out of town!  Great!

SO… James and I are now living in the foothills of Glendale in a big house with a pool for the next five weeks! We will be watching over the place, watering plants, getting mail, feeding the cats (and bringing them in at night so the coyotes don’t get them!), and just making sure the house looks “lived in” from the outside to keep the house safe!

Not to shabby, eh?

This will also give us time to search for jobs FIRST before we decide where we want to rent an apartment (there’s been a bit of a debate over living in the westside vs. the valley!) so that is convenient for us as well. Although we ARE both anxious to settle down and get our very own place once and for all—AND clear out our damn storage unit!!—but this is a nice situation for the next month while we get a few things settled first.



2 responses to “UPDATE: Hello from Los Angeles!”

  1. BEKY says:

    LOVE IT!!! So glad it worked out! It’s funny seeing pictures of their house on your blog. You all are such great people and I’m glad it worked out. XOXO

    • BreAnn BreAnn says:

      Thanks SO much for the connection and for your help! This is a really awesome situation and we are fortunate it worked out for us all! 🙂

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