Thanksgiving mountain climb! [Cool video from this morning!]

Posted on November 28th, 2013 by BreAnn

It’s November 28th, 2013: HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL! This year, James and I are SO THANKFUL for this wonderful and adventurous year of travel… and for all of our family and friends who have supported us through all the ups and downs along the way!  And thank you to YOU as well… we appreciate the support our readers give us! 🙂

In the past 10+ years or so, I have run a 10k “Turkey Trot” race every year on Thanksgiving morning, and James has joined me the past couple years as well. We even set up a “family Turkey Trot” last year when we celebrated Thanksgiving with James’ family wayyyy up north in California where there weren’t any organized races nearby.

Beautiful scenery on our Thanksgiving hike today up Lion’s Head Mountain!

This year, instead of a 10k run, James and I dragged ourselves out of bed BRIGHT AND EARLY–5:15am sharp–to trudge up Lions Head mountain here in Cape Town. From top to bottom, Lions head is 2,000ft, and it’s a pretty steady and steep climb UP and UP and UP!  The last section is VERY steep, and we had to use chains and handles (that have been installed in some rocks) to climb up a section of boulders. The hike around and around to the top is probably THE most scenic  hike I’ve ever been on, with views of ALL of Cape Town, Table Mountain, Camps Bay,  Robben Island, and many amazing, sweeping ocean and coastal views. It took us around 2 hours up and back down (not including stops), and we burned around 600 calories, awesome!

We took a little 3-minute video summary of our lovely hike (below), take a look!

This year, unfortunately, we don’t have any family here with us in Cape Town to celebrate with, nor does anybody in South Africa even celebrate this American holiday (of course). However, James’ work IS setting up a Thanksgiving dinner tonight, so that should be nice.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all, and we hope you have a lovely holiday weekend no matter what you do!



To see our photos from Cape Town, South Africa (so far) click here.


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