Here’s a bunch of funny motorcycle pics!

Posted on September 19th, 2013 by BreAnn

All throughout Asia, especially Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, the streets were absolutely flooded with thousands and thousands of motorbikes!¬† Among these bikes, we often saw some motorbikes carrying HUGE and random objects… Mattresses, furniture, plants, long pipes, and sometimes up to SIX people on one bike!! I was amused and fascinated by this “phenomenon,” so I spent a great deal of time throughout these countries capturing as many photos of different bikes that I could!

You see, owning and driving a motorbike is one of the cheaper modes of transportation in Asia (and pretty much the rest of the world for that matter) and the majority of people we encountered in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand seemed to mostly only drive motorbikes. And since this is usually the ONLY way for these people to get around town, they have to be creative and skilled (and have good balance!) to pull off transporting some of these heavy or huge items.

So… I’m not going to go on a long story about motorbikes or provide any facts or history on them this time… I’m simply going to do exactly as the title of this blog says: post a bunch of funny (and interesting) photos of motorbikes across Asia ūüôā Enjoy!

One person . . .

Two people . . .

Three people . . .

Four . . .


And of course, make sure when you’re on your bike to cover EVERY inch of skin!

Learn how to fit all your bags around the bike… in front, on the sides, on the back, anywhere and everywhere!

If you have really large and heavy bags, no worries… just pile them on and make them fit however you can!

If you can’t strap it in or hold onto it yourself, just bring along a friend to help hold stuff! (how in the WORLD is the woman on the left even staying on!?)

If you’re going somewhere and need to bring the kids, just pile them onto your bike! (with no helmets… yikes!)

You really can carry ANYTHING on a motorbike…

  Plants/veggies                       Tires                              Bubble wrap!?

  Gas tanks (yikes!)              Long piping                              A tree!?

If it’s raining, no need to wait it out… just bring a friend (or two) and an umbrella…

Why not use your motorbike to sell your goods?

Or to sell food…

And if you need to move furniture, you don’t need a truck… just use your motorbike!

To move a mattress…

A door (seriously!??)…

   A fish tank                 A table          An air conditioner    A pane of glass


And if it doesn’t quite fit on the bike, just attach a trailer, and the possibilities are endless!

And the motherload…

Even crazier…


And, of course, once we were in Asia for five months, we got somewhat “skilled” as well… transporting ALL of our luggage on our motorbike in Koh Phangan from our house to the ferry dock (just picture James in the front seat—he had to get off the bike to snap this photo—and notice his HUGE backpack stuffed in the front area!!)¬† Weeee!


And, James also successfully transported himself and two other people (our friends, Andy and Liz) on one motorbike across town a few times!

Good work, good work!


Hope you enjoyed all those photos… because I sure enjoyed taking them!




3 responses to “Here’s a bunch of funny motorcycle pics!”

  1. Patrick says:

    Hilarious. Sweet post.

  2. Ann says:

    Best. Post. Yet.

    Just kidding, but it’s fricken awesome!!!!!!

  3. Susan Dixon says:

    Absolutely Hilarious! LOL! Thx for Sharing these Great photos ;-).

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