Time to take an Island break . . .

Posted on July 19th, 2013 by BreAnn

We interrupt your regularly scheduled workday to bring you some relaxation straight from Koh Phangan Island in Thailand! OK, so we’re deviating from the chronological order of the blog (considering the last post I wrote about was from Vietnam… and we haven’t been in Vietnam for about 4 weeks now) to bring you up to speed, to present day, to give you a little update.

Starting tomorrow, Saturday, July 20th, this will be our new home for the next month:

Ignore our ridiculous “It looks like winter here” outfits in this photo (we are both low on clean clothing, and I am trying to cover more skin lately to help fend off the pesky mosquitoes). . . it’s actually in the 80s here and pretty damn humid.

Not too shabby, eh? Our own little house for a month!  The house comes equipped with a kitchen, huge patio/balcony, nice bedroom, decent bathroom, warm water shower (a “luxury” in Thailand), TV with cable (another “luxury”), A/C in the bedroom (again, a “luxury” here), and there are screens on the windows (again, not always common here) which is GOOD to keep the damn BreAnn-skin-hungry mosquitoes away!  Sounds great, yea?

It gets better . . . Here is a photo I snapped from our patio:

The ocean is just a three minute walk away, right past the neighborhood dog, Jimmy, and a local beach bar & restaurant.

Oh, and one more thing: the cost to stay at this lovely gem comes out to only $11/day, or $322 for the whole month! Pretty surprising and affordable. Yep… this is why it pays to travel for a longer period of time in a cheaper country… you end up getting more for your money when you spend more time in one place rather than less time traveling around constantly; which is pretty much how I used to travel in the past.  For the cost of 2-3 nights at a hotel back home (which was usual for us), we get a whole month at a lovely little house right near the beach on a fun, tropical Island in Thailand.

And this is DEFINITELY what we both NEED at this point in our trip. After a full five months of traveling, we are both a bit BURNT OUT on it all. If we have to research one more damn city, or have to compare train, bus, or ferry prices, or have to struggle with our 2 tons of luggage in the pouring rain to find one more damn hostel or hotel, I might scream!!

So, for now, we’ll just be here. Drinking beers. On our porch. 🙂



7 responses to “Time to take an Island break . . .”

  1. Jenn Yamamoto says:

    That’s an awesome pricing for a month! Hey, is that your rented scooter/bike for the month too?

    • BreAnn BreAnn says:

      Well, that particular bike in the photo was just a daily rental (to use to search the island for a new home), but today we DID just rent a different motorbike for the whole month, too!! The cost: $96 for the entire month, sweeeeet! 🙂

  2. Ann says:


  3. Dawn says:

    A much needed break from the hustle and bustle. Looks like a nice place and you can’t beat the location 🙂 Hope you two enjoy your stay.

  4. Zia Lori says:

    I feel more relaxed for you already! The house and location – not to mention the cost – is FABulous!! Enjoy.

  5. Erik says:

    Jealous! Enjoy!!!

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