Help! We need your help! Know anybody in Australia?

Posted on June 27th, 2013 by BreAnn

OK, so sometimes we get SILLY for the holidays!! 🙂

Hey friends, family, and blog readers!

As you know, James and I are traveling for the majority of 2013, all around the world. We have experienced many different living situations: homestay, camping, hostels, hotels, all from luxury to the bare minimum. When we visit Australia, we would like to housesit and/or dogsit as well!

With that being said . . . Do you happen to have any family, friends, coworkers, or acquaintances who are living in Australia? Or somebody who knows somebody who lives in Australia?  Then please forward this message on.  We’re looking to help out a family, couple, or individual in the Queensland area who is looking to take a 1-2 week vacation in August or September and needs a trustworthy duo to take care of their house and/or dog(s) while they are away. We can watch over the house, water plants and lawn, get the mail, feed and exercise dogs, and report back with updates or issues.

We are passionate about travel and house sitting gives us a unique insight into what everyday life is like in different cities and countries around the world. In addition, not only are we excited to visit Australia and experience life there, but we are also missing our doggie, Sonny, back home…. We miss him dearly and are yearning to care for and watch after other four-legged friends meanwhile.

Since we believe the gift of travel is something important for everybody to be able to do in their everyday life, we LOVE the idea of helping someone take a much needed break without the worry of leaving their pets in care.

So please… would you mind just taking a moment to forward this message on to anybody you might know that could use our help? Or maybe if you feel like it, add a post on facebook or similar social networks that might help get the word out?—**LOOK RIGHT BELOW THIS POST… THERE ARE A BUNCH OF SOCIAL NETWORKING ICONS, PLEASE CLICK TO SHARE!!

**We set up a special page on our blog for this purpose… please read and/or send this link to anybody you know that could help:


Thanks so much in advance for any help or advice you might have for us!!


3 responses to “Help! We need your help! Know anybody in Australia?”

  1. Amy York says:

    Hi there, BreAnn! I think you know me with a different last name (Bialek) from elementary through high school, but it hasn’t been that for 15 years now. Looks like an amazing trip that you’re on! Just happened across your blog on FB and thought I’d pass on that my mother-in-law is from the Philippines so my husband has quite a lot of family there. So, if your plans change for some reason, I could definitely find you a place in their family house near Manila. Just let me know. Happy travels! 🙂

    • BreAnn BreAnn says:

      Hey Amy! Nice to hear from you. Sorry… I just saw your comment now. That’s really cool, I’ve heard the Philippines is beautiful! Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll make it to Manila on our trip, but I’ll keep it in mind! 🙂 Thanks so much for the connection, we appreciate it!

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Breann,

    Tom W. sent me a link to your website. I live in Sydney so hit me up if you need suggestions, may even have some accommodation for you depending on when you arrive. If the map is accurate, you’re not too far away from Penang, Malaysia which is interesting if you’re not duck of temples yet.

    Good luck,


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