Our map tells you where we currently are located in the world!

Posted on March 14th, 2013 by BreAnn

Konnichiwa!  We have arrived in Japan safely!

We still plan on posting more about French Polynesia—will be coming soon— but meanwhile, in case you weren’t aware, we have a MAP on our website/blog that tracks where we are currently located in the world.  We have been updating this pretty much immediately upon arrival to any new country or city, so in case you ever wonder, “Where are James and BreAnn now??” you can go to the “RTW Trip 2013” link above, and scroll down to the map to see exactly where we are in the world!

OR, at any time, just go directly to: http://new.breannaroundtheworld.com/rtw/#map

and you can see where we’re located.


For example, right now, the map shows us in Tokyo!  Pretty cool, eh?










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