And we’re OFF!

Posted on February 26th, 2013 by BreAnn

Tahiti is tiny, hidden in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

So we’ve had a wonderful past month visiting family and good friends around the US . . . Sacramento, New Orleans, Nashville, Chicago, and Milwaukee! Lots of wonderful times with amazing people who are SO important to us, it was truly a wonderful experience!

Now we’re all packed up today, ready, and about to leave to the airport in Milwaukee, WI to start our adventure of a lifetime!

First stop: TAHITI!!

Tahiti is part of a group of Islands known as French Polynesia. It’s practically in the middle of NOWHERE… Islands that are little specs in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a ways south of Hawaii and northwest from South America.

Time for a little luxury in an over-water bungalow!!

We arrive in Tahiti on February 27th in the morning, will be spending 5 nights at a “lower grade”/priced hotel on Moorea Island, then probably a few nights with a local Polynesian person (or family) to experience the culture there, and then finishing with 5 nights at a hotel in an amazing, luxury, over-water bungalow!!—yes, we’re talking about “huts over water” that you see in those amazing computer-wallpaper-backgrounds, with a little window in the floor of our room that views down to the ocean below. We’ll be able to jump right off our balcony into the water to snorkel with the fish below!!  Yes… AMAZING!!

And as amazing as it is, we BETTER soak it up!…. because after Tahiti, our trip will mostly be hostels and very low-priced accommodations and a lot of “roughing it”. We just figured we’d splurge just a LITTLE on our trip in the beginning…. the “vacation before the vacation” per se!

**NOTE** We will probably have limited internet access in Tahiti, so you may not see any blog posts for awhile… and we might not be responding to calls (via skype) or email for awhile, so don’t fret!— we’ll get back online soon 🙂

After our tropical Tahiti vacation, we’ll hop a plane on March 12th to Tokyo, Japan.

Stay tuned!!! . . . . . .

5 responses to “And we’re OFF!”

  1. Christine Thompson says:

    Safe travels!!!! I can’t wait to see pictures and read your future posts 🙂

  2. Derrek says:

    Lucky f*****s!!! KILL IT!!!

  3. Zia Lori says:

    Nana. Va here vau la oe! (French Polynesian translation: Bye! I love you!)

  4. Marke says:

    Hey there! Have a great trip!! Can’t wait to read all the posts and check out the pics! Do you mind if I share the address in my blog? Hyvää matkaa!

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