Damn Pisco Sours!! :(

Posted on September 6th, 2011 by BreAnn

Saturday (Sept 4) rolled around, and I knew it was my last day in Lima. Since I had taken it somewhat “easy” the past couple days, I decided to try to get out and see as much of Lima as I could. So of course, the fastest and easiest way is to take a tourist bus!

Meanwhile, a friend of mine on facebook (who I actually haven’t talked to in probably over 2 years) saw from my posts that I was in Lima, and she let me know that she actually had another friend, Josh, from Boston, that was also traveling by himself through Lima at the same time! Through facebook emails back and forth, Josh and I met up together in Miraflores, jumped on the tourist bus, and away we went!


Josh and I got along pretty well, and it was interesting to talk to him, as he has been to pretty much MOST of the main countries all over the world—including the Arab countries, all over Africa, and more. There really wasn’t a place I mentioned or asked about that he HADN’T been to!

Anyway, the tourist bus took us to some main sights in Lima, a few cathedrals, etc, and then we got a tour of the underground catacombs of the San Francisco Monastery, which was pretty interesting and somewhat creepy to see thousands of preserved human bones all over!


Overall, the main central area of Lima was a lot cleaner and beautiful than I thought it would be, but there still weren’t many too interesting places to see/visit compared to many other cities and countries I’ve been to.

The weather was getting a bit cold on the bus as the sun went down, and I was pretty tired from the day and my cold, so I was hoping to get in a nap when we returned to the Miraflores area, but I also needed to pack for my flight to Cuzco the next day, and do some research on what hostel/hotel I was going to stay at. Didn’t have a whole lot of time for it all, and then I was already heading back into town to meet Josh for dinner. We stumbled upon a cute little restaurant with a great menu, but there was a half hour wait, so meanwhile we decided to grab a drink at a Jazz place nearby. We both had—of course— a Pisco Sour while we waited. When in Rome . . .  right?

Back to dinner a short while later, and we enjoyed a wonderful meal, swapped travel stories, and had yet another Pisco Sour.  Hmmm, these drinks are pretty good, and very “lime-y!”  Can’t even tell there is much alcohol in them!

Headed back to the Jazz place because we both thought it was a great spot to take in the local culture and music scene, and we had a couple more Pisco Sours and enjoyed the music together. I think we were the only tourists in there, which was fab!  I was TOTALLY in the moment, enjoying the salsa-type music they began to play, and the band was wonderful and energetic with trumpets, bongo drums, and various types of instruments a guy would shake or beat around the room. The dance floor was HOT, with sexy couples and singles dancing together and enjoying the music. This was definitely one of those moments I SMILED BIG, thought, “How AMAZING is it, in this moment, that I’m here in Peru, IN PERSON, listening to this wonderful local music!?”  We danced a little and finished our drinks as they were closing up.

Our Pisco Sours

Caught up in the fun of the night, it had suddenly fast-forwarded many hours to 3am+ and I was realizing I was feeling pretty tipsy. I somehow thought we still needed to go out dancing (leave it up to my “party brain caught up in the moment” to think foolish thoughts like this the night before I have to take a flight), but FORTUNATELY most of the bars were closing, or had an expensive covercharge, or we couldn’t get in. I say FORTUNATELY because I really needed to get some water and get some sleep since I was flying to Cuzco in the morning.

8:00am came FAST, and I realized those damn Pisco Sours were not sitting well in my body. I was trying to pack quickly, but my stomach wasn’t feeling the best, and I knew I needed to finish up and catch a taxi to the airport ASAP for my flight.   I tried to eat a few things and drink a lot of water, but let’s just say . . . . my stomach wasn’t too happy with that.  After a lot of procrastinating and moving veerrrry slowly, I finally got into a taxi to the airport and wasn’t sure I was going to make it without getting sick in the car!!  Fortunately I DID make it to the airport OK . . . .but unfortunately I got there “too late” to check in for my flight. Apparently you have to be there over an hour before the flight, and I was at the 50-minute-mark . . . so after a little bit of running around to different agents, I was LUCKY they got me on the next flight out instead, and I didn’t even have to pay anything extra for changing my ticket! Phew! LUCKY!

Miserable on the flight to Cuzco (thank goodness it was only an hour!!) and REALLY miserable once I arrived to Cuzco and INSTANTLY felt the pressure on my chest as I exited the plane . . . made it hard to breathe, and in turn made me feel even MORE sick! 🙁   To make a long story short, I then took a miserable cab ride into town and finally stumbled into a hostel at 2pm or so and CRASHED. The 2-3 hours of sleep I got then, along with a TON of water and some crackers and other snacks, finally nursed me back to “decent” shape, and I headed down the street that night to a cute place for a late dinner. My stomach SO needed food, and this awesome bar/restaurant totally delivered!

After this whole fiasco, I looked back on the night very confused as to how I could have possibly gotten THAT drunk—and THAT hung over—and then it occurred to me that not only had I taken some cold medicine before I headed out to dinner, but I also had Malaria pills and anti-elevation-sickness pills floating around in my body as well. That, coupled with the OH-SO-STRONG Pisco Sour drinks (which I’m also not used to, since I’m normally a beer or wine drinker) reeeeeeally “did me in.”  Ugh. I felt SO STUPID for the whole thing!

SIGH . . . no more pisco sours for ME!

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