The Great Ocean road to Adelaide

Posted on August 16th, 2010 by BreAnn

We were up SUPER EARLY on Saturday morning (August 7) to meet up with a tour bus that would be taking us on a 2 1/2 day drive from Melbourne along “The Great Ocean Road” to Adelaide.  The Great Ocean Road is a stretch of land and ocean just southwest of Melbourne, starting from a city called Torquay to a city called Warrnambool, and consists of many gorgeous vistas, bluffs/cliffs, and amazing rock formations.

Koala in the wild!

We boarded the “mini bus” along with the driver and 14 other people, and headed down the coast. There really were some amazing views and stops along the way, including an area where very colorful birds fly down and land on you!  We walked up this hiking path a bit more, and spotted an actual koala in a eucalyptus tree!  SO cute 🙂

I have to say— I really wish I would have taken Julie’s advice and brought more warm clothes—man, IT IS FREEZING HERE!!!  I only brought 3 long sleeve shirts, a light sweatshirt (with a hood and pockets THANK GOD), a light jacket, and a scarf. The scarf has “saved” me, as the temperature in Melbourne and then on this bus trip up the Great Ocean Road has been probably in the 40-50s and very windy!  Brrrrrr!  I’ve been wearing the same two shirts for numerous

Julie walking among the treetops!

days now. I’m hoping once we get to Adelaide we can do some laundry at Janelle’s, since everything is getting pretty dirty and not the freshest-smelling!

As we drove on our tour-bus adventure, we stopped to visit a tree-top walking park where you walk on these narrow metal walkways 75 feet up in the air through a beautiful rainforest.  We also did 2 or 3 big hikes Grampians National Park, which included a lot of amazing scenery, rock climbing, waterfalls, and more.

The most amazing sight on our bus trip was “The Twelve Apostles” which is a section of many rock formations in the water,

The Twelve Apostles

cliffs, etc,  and we were lucky enough to visit the area and snap pictures right as the sun was setting. Breathtaking!

The people on our tour were pretty cool — but in my opinion a bit “boring.”  Most of them were all from Europe—a lot from Germany, also Spain, Italy, and two girls from Japan.  Julie and I were the only Americans.  I know I’ve been feeling a bit “younger” the past couple years and have been a bit “against” my age and the process of getting older, but it’s funny how even when I hang out with a bunch of early 20-something-year-olds, I STILL feel like they are “old farts” – haha!  Most people were always zonked out sleeping on the bus when we were driving and were NOT socializing much at all (Julie and I were wide awake most of the time and chatting away), and at night most people just wanted to sit around and watch some stupid movie and go to bed early—while we were off playing cards, having a few drinks, and/or visiting the local towny bar. Oh well, we still managed to have a good time.  However, we REALLY felt we were “told old for this stuff” when we were faced with FREEZING, horribly lit hostels, gross and “scary” hostel food, and the “fun” of sharing bunk bed rooms with other people. SIGH. Oh well, the joys of traveling!

Our three day tour ended in Adelaide on Monday night (August 9), where my friend, Janelle, picked us up as we exited the bus.  Plans to stay in Adelaide the next two days with her, wine tasting and more, Hurray!

To see photos from the Great Ocean Road, click here:

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  1. Ann says:

    Love the picture of the 12 Apostles! So beautiful!

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