Adelaide and Barossa Wine Tour

Posted on August 16th, 2010 by BreAnn

We arrived in Adelaide the night of Monday, August 9th, and my friend Janelle picked us up and took us back to her cute house which was just outside the city to the north.  I know Janelle from back in 2006 . . .  we met in Europe on this 20-day bus tour we were on together. There was a group of about 5 of us on the tour that got pretty close through the whole trip, and so we all spent a great deal of time together and did a lot of bonding!  So it was really great to see her again after 4 years, and she was SUCH a great hostess and SO accommodating . . . which was especially SO NICE after the crappy hostels and horrible food we had encountered the past few days on our great ocean road tour.  It’s funny how traveling can “get to you” and Janelle just laughed and smiled at us as we gushed over “bright lights in the bathroom” and “a nice bed” and “central heating” and “real home cooked food” and “WARM WATER IN THE SHOWER!”

The next day Janelle had planned a full day wine tasting tour for us, so we boarded a small bus at 8am with about 10 other people that

Janelle, Julie & me, wine tasting!

whisked us through Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley–which is known as one of the best wine regions in all of Australia. On the way, we visited some kangaroos and emus (two of the most popular animals in the wild in Australia), the largest rocking horse in the world, and then also “The Whispering Wall”—which is this very large curved cement wall of a dam, where one person stands on one side of the wall and whispers—or just talks—and the other person stands WAY over on the other side, and you can actually hear each other clearly as the sound travels across the curved wall; it’s really wild!

We went on to visit four vineyards/wineries: Jacob’s Creek, Simpatico wines, Richmond Grove, and Seppeltsfield. Half way through, we stopped for an Australian lunch with BBQ meat, salads,

With our New York wine tasting friends!

and we got to try Kangaroo meat, which basically tasted and looked like steak medallions except it tasted a little “gamey.”  Even though the air was a bit chilly outside, it was a really beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed our little picnic lunch with a bottle of wine and some good company. We met three fun people from New York on our tour: a brother and sister and another girl traveling with them, and the six of us had a fun time chatting it up on the bus and in the wineries for the day. So much fun that we actually decided to head out to a bar afterwards together for some beers and wedges (wedges are just fried potato-slices.) We ended up heading back home around 11pm, which means we really had a FULL DAY of activities and drinking, sheesh!  Fun times though . . .

Our last day in Adelaide we had a more relaxing morning at Janelle’s

Riding one of the Adelaide pigs downtown

house, then headed out to the city to see some sights downtown and “have a look around” (Aussies say “have a look” instead of “take a look” like we do.)  We visited Glenelg, which is the really cute and beachy part of town with lots of outdoor cafes and bars by the beautiful beach and Oceanside.  It’s too bad that it was REALLY REALLY WINDY and freezing cold, so we headed indoors for a cider and a chat.  The three of us girls went out for a nice Thai dinner that night and headed home to get to sleep early, as WE HAD TO BE UP AT 3:30AM to catch our 6am flight to Sydney. Yikes!

Overall, we really loved Adelaide and thought it was a very cute city with a lot of beautiful outdoor cafes, bars, and restaurants, a nice central downtown area, a fun beachside area (Glenelg), and many surrounding wine regions to explore!  Seems like a total “package” for a smaller city! It was SUCH a pleasure to see Janelle, and she was such a sweet and amazing host and friend to us for the two and a half days we were there. Lovely experience overall! 🙂

To see photos from Adelaide and the Barossa Valley, click here:

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