NOBODY needs 40 pairs of pants!!

Posted on August 3rd, 2009 by BreAnn

centinela-outsideSo I moved in my new apartment last month and I’m SO excited!! I LOVE my new place!!!   I’m just 3 miles from the beach in my new West LA/Santa Monica one-bedroom apartment, and I couldn’t be happier!  The place is very sunny, gets a GREAT ocean breeze blowing through when I open up the patio doors, and is relatively private (upper end unit) in a small, 9-unit building.  I’m sure I mentioned a million times before, but the absolute HIGHLIGHT is the 20ft x 20ft private rooftop patio that is ONLY MINE! Whoo hoo!  In addition,  I’ve been walking and running with Sonny a lot lately around the neighborhood and am pleased to find quite a few nice restaurants and bars and a park all in walking distance.  I CAN’T wait for Martti to get here so we can explore more of the neighborhood together!

Speaking of Martti, TWO DAYS AND HE WILL BE HERE!!  Oh my god, I can hardly believe it!!  This has been the LONGEST two months of my life, it’s kind of crazy. What’s interesting is in the past we’ve had to be apart 2 1/2 to 3 months each time, so this 2 month stint is the shortest amount of time we’ve had to be apart…. yet this time the days have been DRAGGGGGGGGING ONNNNN SOOOOOOO SLOWWWWWWLY!  I’ve realized in the past my “coping” mechanism to deal with the distance is to pretty much not even THINK about the date of the next time we will be together in person and to definitely NOT count the days. Martti, on the other hand, has a very mathmatical brain and has always counted the days down every time we’ve been apart.  This would drive me bonkers if I did the same, especially now that I see how SLOW time goes by when I’m counting and anticipating and all!!

Meanwhile, it’s been quite a struggle to unpack and organize all my CRAP.  I say CRAP with angst because I just have too much of it!  I’ve always been a pack-rat and clutter freak, but over the past 5 or so years have gotten better and better as time goes on. I especially have gotten better since I moved to Spain… and then moved to another place in Spain . . . and then moved to Finland… and then returned to my mom’s house in Wisconsin…. and then moved to West Hollywood . . . and then moved to Van Nuys . . . and now rest in a PERMANENT PLACE for once!  When you move so often within one year and meanwhile do a LOT of traveling: planes, trains, ships, etc; you realize how much that “stuff” can really weigh you down–physically and mentally–and you learn the “art” of minimizing, getting rid of clutter, and trying to NOT accumulate more stuff!

So imagine my stress level as I start to unpack these boxes of CRAP that have been in storage the past year and a half to discover I HAVE 40 PAIRS OF PANTS!!!  Um. . . . what???  Seriously, WHO IN THE WORLD needs 40 pairs of pants??  NOBODY! The sad thing is, I KNOW I got rid of a lot of pants –and clothes, etc— before I left, so I am flabbergasted that even after that I am left with SO MUCH STUFF!

In addition, I need to make room for Martti’s clothes, however my “average-sized” bedroom closet is currently STUFFED FULL from end to end, and out of the 10 dresser drawers I have, I’ve only managed to free up 3 1/2 drawers.  <SIGH>  Might I mention that these 40 pairs of pants are not included in the space I just listed and are reluctantly sitting in a plastic rubbermaid bin on my bedroom floor, awaiting a BreAnn-fashion-show (and fitting) to see what stays and what goes.

Yikes!  I definitely need to bring in “damage control” and take care of this situation before it gets more out of control!!  In case I suddenly go missing anytime soon . . . check my bedroom to see if I have suffocated underneath a stack of 40 pants!  😉

3 responses to “NOBODY needs 40 pairs of pants!!”

  1. Holy Pants Batman! You need to get rid of at least 20 pairs. Unload the clothes, declutter your life and the stress goes with!

  2. Ann says:

    Yay for the new apt!! Yay for Martti moving here!!! Yay!!!!!!!!

  3. Neighbor-Next-Door: Linda says:

    Great new apartment!

    When you get a 40-pants removal system, please share it! We’ve been in the same house for 22+ years……imagine what kind of stuff we should get rid of?!

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