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Posted on June 15th, 2009 by BreAnn

Let’s see . . . well, I’m currently past the FOUR MONTH mark of waiting for this stupid short-sale condo deal with constant “hopeful” promises from the seller’s agent that, “It will only be another week,” which is then followed by the same kind of statement that   “Bank keeps losing papers”, “bank needs more info.” Blah blah blah. So meanwhile, I’ve still been living up in Van Nuys with three guys and two dogs. And a partridge in a pear tree. Hah!

Martti was one of the 6 recipients (out of 21 applicants) to win the 2009 US-Finland Fulbright scholarship!!! Which we are, of course, THRILLED about, but the award ended up being a bit bittersweet . . . I was under the impression the award was $10,000, only to find out he got $5,000 because the awards were UP TO $10,000.  Of course, ANY money is an honor, but when you are a Finnish guy whose government pays for schooling and you are instead going to the US and have to face $14,000 of school bills, the “looming doom” of that remaining $9k is still pretty rough . . .

Either way, we have officially begun our plans for his move to the US on August 6th, hooray! And as we just celebrated our one year anniversary together in May, we couldn’t be happier with everything!

In Helsinki, Finland for Martti's Fulbright award ceremony. May 18, 2009

In Helsinki, Finland for Martti’s Fulbright award ceremony. May 18, 2009

Also, I just returned from a 2 1/2 week jaunt back to Finland to visit my scholarship-winning boyfriend 😉  Since I lived at that same apartment there for two months with him before, it seemed natural to be back there and both of us felt like this was more than just a 2-week “vacation” for me… and it ended up feeing like a month (which is great!)  I also found myself missing Sonny SOOOOO much more than I normally do, probably because he was living at that apartment with us in the past, too. So whenever the mailman came or I dropped food on the floor, I sadly realized Sonny wasn’t there “making his presence known.”

I will elaborate more on the Finland trip another time because there are a lot of interesting things I’d like to mention—including the fact we visited the country of Estonia while I was there—but I will do that in a separate blog.

Meanwhile, with the combination of the Finland trip and some serious discussions, lack of movement on this condo deal, and my increasing financial stress of having a future mortgage to pay . . . I ultimately decided to ditch the whole “buying something” idea in the end, and I’ve gone back to searching for a rental.

As I’ve been thinking about future plans for the next few years, the more I think this owning-something thing has become too much financial stress, and would be a huge future burden if I move to Finland for a period of time. Martti plans to stay in the US for one year of school, and then maybe do a 6 month work-study job after that (if possible) but then he has to return to Finland to finish his degree. I knew this already, but was looking at this condo thing as more of an investment and I would just find renters for the condo if I left… but the more I think about the burden of trying to find GOOD renters, somebody to manage my place, and constant worry about having a job and paying a mortgage… it all just doesn’t sound too appealing.

In addition, the more I hear Martti go ON and ON and ON stressing about money this and money that, the more I’m remembering my ORIGINAL thought about owning:   “If I buy something, my social and traveling life is over, and I’m not ready for that yet.” And especially since my boyfriend is dropping most of his savings on tuition just to live in California with me, I don’t want to “up” our combined financial stress by adding mortgage payments on top of that. I REALLY want to still be able to go out for dinner now and then, and do weekend trips, etc, when Martti is here because he SHOULD be enjoying experiencing California and the US…. not be sitting home sad and broke all the time because he’s spending his life savings on school!

Currently, everything has finally been coming together!—I just put a deposit on a sunny one-bedroom apartment on the Westside (on Centinela Ave right off Ocean Park) that has a HUGE 20ft x 20ft PRIVATE rooftop patio!  Moving in the weekend of June 26-28, Martti will be moving in August 6th, and everything will go from there!

SO EXCITED for the future ahead!!

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