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Posted on April 3rd, 2009 by BreAnn

I have a long well-thought-out blog topic to write about, but wanted to first throw out a quick update about everything in my life lately.

First of all, as you may have noticed, I finally changed the name of my blog!  Since I’m not in Espana anymore, I figured it would be better fitting if I changed it to something like, “BreAnn Around the World.”  🙂

Still living up in Van Nuys with 3 guys and 2 dogs 🙂  I actually quite like it, and I’m fortunate to have a place I can stay as long as I need.  The drive to work isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, probably mainly because my work hours are pretty late—10am-7pm–so I miss most of LA rush-hour traffic.  Right now it’s nice having roommates who are long-time friends of mine because I was getting a bit lonely and secluded in that last place I was living at.

Still waiting, waiting, waiting. I put an offer on that short-sale condo back around February 9, so we are approaching the 2-month mark now.  I guess that is “normal time” for a short sale, but I had hoped I’d be lucky and it would have sped along a bit faster.  Basically the process was:  the seller accepted my offer immediately, then 2 weeks later the bank accepted my offer . . . and then the past month or so has been the process of them tracking down this “2nd bank/lender” that is listed on the title, to get them to agree on a $$ figure, or to be written off the deed completely.  Two weeks ago, I actually got word from my agent that, “It’s a go!!”  because they found the 2nd bank and they said there was no money owed on the condo . . . so then went around and told everybody I knew how excited I was about the fact I would be a homeowner soon.  To my dismay, I realized I totally “jumped the gun” and it all ended up being more complicated than that.  Now, we’re held up because the title company cannot track down why there is a lein on the title if there is no money owed… and apparently that could be a much longer process. So . . . no . . . I still don’t have a written accepted offer, and here I sit longer, waiting . . . . SIGH.

Martti has applied to both CalState Northridge and CalState Dominguez Hills, and he just got word last week that he passed the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test . . . and is now in the process of sending in financial documents/proof, transcripts (in Finnish AND English), and numerous other documents they require.  In addition, he has been gathering more documents, recommendation letters, and spending an incredible amount of time trying to write two long essays for a very important scholarship—$10,000 fulbright Finnish-USA scholarship– that would REALLY “save” both of us in the financial department.  It has all been a lengthy, involved,  and time consuming process, and we both have been under a lot of stress because of it.  I can see how a process like this could really tear a couple apart, but we still remain strong as we approach the 1-year mark together.  I’ve been planning to go visit in Finland in May . . .but that is also “on hold” until this whole stupid condo situation is once-and-for-all finalized.

Waiting, waiting, waiting . . . .


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