A lot of uncertainty, but staying positive!

Posted on March 4th, 2009 by BreAnn

I feel like I’m a “profesional vagabond” now.  After a month and a week of living in a temporary apartment in West Hollywood, my time was up and I had to up-and-move to a new place in the valley. This will be the SIXTH place I’ve lived at in the past year!  Poor Sonny probably wonders if he will ever have a permanent home. Fortunately, he seems to be adapting well with each new place we move to. Especially now that he has a doggie friend to live with and play with at our current place.

I guess I AM lucky, though, to even HAVE these options for temporary living situations (especially with having a dog), because without these options I would probably be left paying BIG BUCKS for a temporary place and end up living with strange people I dont know, or I would  be forced into having to sign a contract for a permanent apartment or something.

Right now, I have put an offer on a nice little condo in Culver City, but since it’s a short sale (the step before foreclosure) I’m just stuck right now in a “holding pattern” waiting for the bank to decide if they want to accept my offer or not. Unfortunately with these situations, it’s just a paperwork pile that takes a long time to process with the bank. So here I am, week three of my offer, stuck in limbo, just *hoping* they will accept the offer.  These things can take up to two damn months!  Ugh.  I have been looking at other condos in the meantime, but nothing yet has fit my price range and requirements, so I’m *REALLY* hoping my offer will be accepted any day soon!! 🙂

Meanwhile, I just spent a wonderful last week and a half with Martti here in California!  I think he got a good “sampling” of Los Angeles and a lot that the city—and this state–has to offer, which is good since he’s hoping to move here!   We had a few dinners out together and with friends, a hike in the mountains, driving in the Hollywood Hills, by the Bel Air mansions, and along the coast up Malibu, walked around the Venice waterways, he rented a bike on the beach one day I was at work and drove from Santa Monica down through

Venice, Marina del Rey, Playa, and down to Manhatten Beach!  He visited Hollywood and the Chinese Theater, Star walk, Kodak Theather, and took the metro to Universal City / Citywalk.  He was able to visit and tour the two schools he’s applying to – CalState Dominguez Hills in Carson, and CalState Northridge – and he met with and spoke to International advisors about his applications and future plans to come to LA.  Click here to see pictures of Martti in LA .

Ann, Marty, me, & Martti skiing at Mammoth Mountain

Ann, Marty, me, & Martti skiing at Mammoth Mountain

Lastly, we had a wonderful weekend away with friends at Mammoth Mountain for skiing, sledding, and meals and drinks with good friends!  SIGH,,,, Let me tell you . . . it was a TEARFUL goodbye as I left him at the airport yesterday.  Especially with the uncertainty with what is next to come for us.

I DO plan to go to Finland to visit Martti in May at some point, but I can’t book my flight until I know what is going on with this condo for sure.  It really sucks not having a DEFINITE next meeting time for us, but for now that’s how it has to be, so we’ve accepted that.  Also, it sounds like Martti won’t get any official answers or acceptances from these schools until JULY, which is ridiculously late, since his classes would be starting mid-to-end of August and that gives him very little time to make preparations, buy a flight to the US and deal with Visa stuff.  If he doesn’t get into these schools, we’re really not sure what we’re going to do. Martti said if worse comes to worse, he’ll just take a year off school and move out here,,, but I really don’t know if I can let him do that, and besides I don’t know how that’s possible without a work or student Visa.  Let’s just hope and pray that he’ll get accepted into one/both of the schools and wins that $10k Fulbright scholarship, and we can go from there.  But as everything else in life . . . ONE . . . STEP . . . AT . . . A . . . TIME . . .

Despite everything I’ve written above, I guess I haven’t even thought about how “uncertain” most of my life is right now.  No permanent place to live, no answers with what is going to happen with Martti . . . but yet I continue to stay  positive and keep my mind open to what other possibilities might be available to solve any situation.  Thank God for my job security at a full-time good-paying job (which is something I discussed with my boss, and am feeling pretty secure with my job there), or I might be floating around in perma-limbo!

I guess through all the experiences I’ve faced—especially this past year in Europe—I’ve become adapted to uncertainty, I’ve learned to just “go with the flow”, I’ve always kept trying HARD to see the positive sides of every situation, and as always, my “be prepared for everything” motto I inherited from my mother has always saved me from being stranded in life.

When you think about it, though, you really can’t plan a whole lot in life because it never always goes exactly the way you want it.  That’s kind of scary, but it’s kind of exciting.  That’s just life, and until you accept it for what it is, then it will continue to defeat you.

Onward . . . onward . . .

2 responses to “A lot of uncertainty, but staying positive!”

  1. Ann says:

    Glad you guys had such a great trip together! It was so great getting to know Martti and I am keeping fingers crossed that all works out with the school, VISA, scholarship, etc. 🙂

  2. Ann says:

    BTW, I think it’s time to change the name of your blog… 😉 BreAnn in La-La Land or something! 🙂

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