Solo for awhile . . . and enjoying it!

Posted on September 1st, 2008 by BreAnn

I know I still have until December until I go back to the states, but things really seem to be winding down here in San Sebastian.  Pretty much all my close friends have left back to their countries for school or work, or some are still traveling in other countries around Europe.  I haven’t cared to meet new friends because most of the students at school are only studying for 1, 2, 3 weeks, and I just don’t feel like taking the energy to do the whole, “I am BreAnn, I’m from the US, I like to do this and that and blah blah blah, and what do you like? and tell me your life history, blah blah blah,” when I know they are going to leave soon anyway.  I actually only have 2 weeks of class left now too . . . and I’ve been REALLY looking forward to ending class for quite some time now.

Martti is now living in Lahti, Finland

Martti is now living in Lahti, Finland

Also, Martti left last week to go back to Finland to start school at the University. It was a bit unreal for him to leave . . . because it didn’t seem like he was REALLY leaving for GOOD.  We both said we kept feeling like he was only just going away for a weekend and would be coming back soon.  It didn’t hit me until later that night when I was laying in bed trying to sleep and outloud I said, “He’s really not coming back to San Sebastian!” and I clung to Sonny and was a bit sad.  But no worries . . . in only 2 weeks I’m going to Finland to visit him anyway, so before I know it we’ll be reunited again. (those lyrics from that damn annoying song pop in my head, “Reunited and it feels so gooood!” haha.)  He’s living in a different city in Finland now—Lahti–so it will be interesting to see what another Finnish city is like (Note: the city he is from, the city I visited before, is Jyväskylä.)  However, right now the temperature in southern Finland is already down to like 50 degrees (compared to 70-80 here in Spain), so let’s see how it is when I arrive.

I’ve been spending the last week since Martti left ALONE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE in my apartment!  This is when I’m truely enjoying living ALONE in a studio apartment.  Oh… the joy!  I don’t know . . . maybe it’s because Martti has practically been living at my place the last month (which I honestly didn’t mind, and to my surprise we actually never had any big problems and had a ton of fun at all times!), but now that he’s gone and I don’t really have any friends here, I’m actually really just happy to be alone and have time for ME!  And time for Sonny, of course. I hung out with a girl from school Friday night watching a movie, but for the rest of the weekend I completely “hibernated” in my apartment, went to the gym, the beach, and turned off my phone and computer. I barely got up from watching nonstop politics and hurricane coverage on CNN World to get something to eat or maybe take a shower.  Laziness and “me time” at it’s best! SIGH, How nice it was!

Maybe I’m just enjoying it while I can, since the next two months will be a whirlwind, I’m expecting.  And as I type the following paragraphs out, it almost seems unreal ALL the adventures and craziness I will experiencing very soon!  I’m going to Bordeaux, France this coming weekend with some girl friends for a French wine-tasting experience, it’s only a 2 hour drive from here, so no biggie! 😉  Don’t worry—I WONT DRINK THE WATER THIS TIME! hah!  Then my last day of classes is next Wednesday (Sept 10) and I’m off to Finland for the weekend to visit Martti in Lahti.

Trip around Spain with Ann & Marty!

Trip around Spain with Ann & Marty!

I come back to San Sebastian on Monday, September 15, THE SAME DAY my good friends Ann and Marty fly into Barcelona.  Then Tuesday night I’ll be off on an overnight bus to Barcelona to meet up with them for 2 weeks of traveling fun!!   I’m actually taking my annual vacation from work, so I have TWO WEEKS OF COMPLETE FREEDOM!—I don’t have to worry about class, I don’t have to worry about finding internet for work and dealing with all that  BS!  The three of us will start by going to the tropical Spanish Island of Mallorca, then we’ll be off to Granada, Sevilla, and we’re not sure about the 3rd city… but maybe Cadiz or Malaga.  Next, we jump on a plane to Munich, Germany to meet up with some good friends of ours for Oktoberfest!!  Whoo hoo, Oktoberfest, one of my favorite “holidays”!! 🙂  I even brought my authentic German Dress (dirndl) with me here and plan on “sporting” it all weekend!  Martti is going to try to fly out from Finland to meet up with us in Munich also… which I’m REALLY hoping he can, because I really would love for my friends to meet him and vice versa. Plus, it’s my Oktoberfest “holiday” and will be SO MUCH FUN and hope he can be there!!

We return to San Sebastian on the 30th and then Marty and Ann will stay with me all week at my apartment before flying back to the US on October 3.

I may take a couple weeks to relax… however I’m highly considering jetting off to Greece the 2nd week of October for a laid back week on one of the Islands all by myself. I’m looking into the northern Island of Corfu. One of the MAIN MAIN places I wanted to visit again during my stay out here is Greece, and with all of this upcoming traveling I know I’m not going to want to go to Greece for a ton of sight-seeing and roaming around cities like crazy . . . so I’m looking into one or two cities very close to each other that I can just spend a few days each to relax and maybe see something new and interesting!  But of course if I do this… I’m going to have to MAKE SURE to have solid internet available and I’ll have to work all the nights,,, so I’m going to have to weigh the positives and negatives.

Finally, I’m looking to move out to Lahti, Finland in the end of October for approximately 6 weeks until I have to return to the US!  I’m excited to spend a good amount of time in Finland and experience more of the culture —-plus, I’m closer to other countries and might make a weekend trip to Norway to visit a friend… and if I CAN… take a train a few hours over the border to St. Petersburg, Russia!!  (it’s actually fairly close to Lahti–look at the map above!)  But we’ll see.   And of course I’m excited I’ll be close to Martti . . . but I’m NOT excited for the November COLD weather there, and the DARKNESS DARKNESS DARKNESS.  SIGH. Oh well, I grew up in Wisconsin, so I’m somewhat prepared for it, right?



2 responses to “Solo for awhile . . . and enjoying it!”

  1. Ann says:

    Can’t wait to come visit and travel Spain with you! We’re going to have soooo much fun!!!

  2. breannspain says:

    I know, I can’t wait!!

    Did you like my dorky “travels around Spain” map? He he he . . . !!

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