Donde está BreAnn? (Where is BreAnn?)

Posted on July 30th, 2008 by BreAnn

It’s been quite an eventful last month… good and bad. Once again I find myself over a month of no blogging and a LOT of information to catch people up on. To sum up the past month’s challenges and great happenings: I moved apartments but had to stay at my boyfriend’s place for a week because I didn’t find a new place in time, I was out of easy, regular internet for about 3 weeks, I went to Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls, I went to Paris and Marseille, France, for a romantic getaway with Martti, I got into a huge misunderstanding with my two closest girlfriends here, and it’s been an incredibly busy month with my job. Sheesh, it’s been quite a ride… and not the most fun ride either.

So, I knew when I moved out here that my apartment was only available until the end of June and I would have to move after 4 months in Spain. I started looking for new places once June hit, but it proved to be quite a HARD and time-consuming task, especially considering all my specific “requirements” : I have a dog, I would like to have a balcony or patio for the dog, I would like to live in Gros (a cool area/neighborhood by the surfer beach in San Sebastian), and I need a desk and internet for work. In addition, I had hoped to have something more than a single bed (which is the most common bed here), and enough storage space for all my crap.

Well , this apartment-hunt ended up being an extremely difficult task, searching websites constantly every day (which weren’t really thorough, and weren’t updated every day), looking in papers, and posting a personal ad I printed out on a paper and posted all over the city. Even worse was to try to communicate over the phone with these people in Spanish… SIGH. Trying to understand Spanish over the phone is SO HARD. Yea, I definitely hope I don’t have to have to do THAT again!!

Well . . . apartment after apartment . . . the DOG became the biggest problem for me, which is surprising because this city is SOOOO dog-friendly and at any given time there are tons of dogs walking off-leash with their owners around town. At one point I actually secured a room in a 3BR apartment, planned to meet the girl on Saturday to give her the deposit, but then received a call on Friday saying now the owner of the place decided she didn’t want dogs there anymore.

In the end, I was pretty much forced out of my apartment the last day of June (they wouldn’t even let me stay an extra day or two even though nobody else was moving in), and ended up taking all my stuff –via two taxis–over to my boyfriend, Martti’s place for about a week while I kept searching for a new apartment. Martti ended up being sick that week and stayed home most days and slept all day (and Sonny slept all day too with him!) so it worked out well for me . . . and he calmed my worries about keeping all my stuff there—including the dog— by saying, “I’m your boyfriend. This is my job. Don’t worry about your stuff being here or anything.” SIGH. Thank god for him!

My new studio apartment in Spain!

My new studio apartment in Spain!

In the end, I ended up finding the most PEFECT place for me: a studio apartment in Gros just 2 blocks from the beach! It has a pretty big terrace/balcony, a double bed, plenty of storage, and a really cool kind of “art deco” design to it. Fabulous! This time around, I didn’t DARE even mention the dog to the owners, because I only assumed that they would instantly say, “No,” and I didn’t want to take a chance on losing yet another place b/c of Sonny. The first week in my place I was SO happy that I had ended up waiting to find this perfect place for me… and how exciting to live on my own for the first time!! The only strange thing about the apartment is it’s an “attic” type apartment, so there are slanted ceilings by the “bedroom” and in the bathroom—which provides for some annoying and funny situations, especially since Martti is 6 foot 3 and I’m quite the tall girl as well.
Here is a link:

I can’t even express how many years have been taken off my lifespan due to the ridiculous amount of problems, stress, money, frustration and time I’ve wasted/spent with the internet in this damn country!! There is honestly SO MUCH to write about my troubles that I’ll save the details for a completely separate blog. In short, I was out of internet for about 3 weeks and had to deal with A TON of issues trying to find WIFI around town, trying to hook up internet in my place, and the MANY MANY MANY problems I had because of it. It is EXTREMELY VITAL I have internet for work, so you can imagine my frustration of not having easy, regular internet at my disposal. Damn Spain.

The first weekend of July I headed 1 hour to Pamplona, Spain for the running of the bulls. What a blast! And pretty crazy parties in the streets with just thousands and thousands of people in red and white with wine spilled all over them (so technically they are wearing pink clothing b/c they are literally soaked in red wine head to toe!) We got there Sunday afternoon, partied all day and night, slept and had to be up right away at like 6am to get a good spot to watch the bulls run. Unfortunately, we ended up getting there late and could barely see anything. And THEN when the bulls ran by, we were like 10-people-deep in the crowd and everybody was pushing and I DIDN’T GET TO SEE ANYTHING!!! ARRRRGHHH!! NOT EVEN A DAMN BULL LEG RUN BY!!! SIGH. Oh well, we went to the stadium afterwards and got to see the bulls there so I guess it’s OK.

BreAnn & Martti in Paris

BreAnn & Martti in Paris

Then a week later, Martti and I flew to Paris and Marseille, France, for a romantic getaway. Wow, how nice Paris was! It was everything a girl could dream of in a trip with a boyfriend to Paris… and more! Martti was SOOO concerned about me having the best memorable trip and making everything great for the both of us. We stayed in a pretty nice hotel and had a great time exploring the city, museums, and drinking wine and enjoying wonderful meals. The trip confirmed how much I care about him and what an amazingly great relationship we have going. We had quite a few SERIOUS serious conversations about our future and both expressed how crazy it is how little time we’ve been together, but how amazing we are together and how serious we both have been thinking about things and each other. I’m excited that for the first time in my life I’m in the most healthiest, best relationship and I’m really not afraid of ANYTHING. 🙂 I’m also looking forward to going to Finland with him the second weekend of August for his sister’s wedding . . . apparently it’s a BIG deal for him to bring a girl from another country to a wedding, and he’s been talking constantly to his parents about me and he’s really excited for me to meet everybody and see where he’s from. I’m excited too.

Anyway, so Paris was great and then we were on a plane to Marseille, France . . . and DAMMIT . . . I got sick again. The stomach thing AGAIN. Not as bad as last time, but same type of symptoms… HORRIBLE HORRIBLE stomach cramps, running to the bathroom, and this time I got a fever up to 102! Fortunately, we were at least able to walk around our first day in Marseille –with me stopping every 10 minutes when I got a “stomach attack” to sit down and wait for the pain to pass. I guess that’s better then sitting all day in the hotel room. But wow… what a BEAUTIFUL city it was, with the most amazing coastline and marina! However, I was SOOOO UPSET later that night as I sat on the computer doing work in bed in the hotel room with stomach cramps… when all of a sudden I hear FIREWORKS outside!! Turns out it was France’s independence day and there were all kinds of cool things going on that night and I WAS SICK!! arrrghhh!!! 🙁

Oh well. Fortunately, after meds from the Pharmacy and a day later, I was feeling a lot better,,, but UNFORTUNATELY now the sickness had gotten to Martti and by our last night he had a temperature of almost 103 and was having the chills and massive stomach pains like I had. He was SO cute because he says to me, “OH MY GOD, is this what you were going through? I should have been more attentive or understanding, I can’t believe you were going through this while we walked around town!!” I say that’s cute of him because he WAS so attentive to me, and SO understanding… he really couldn’t have done anything more than he already did!

Poor guy had to deal with the fever and stomach thing on our buses and plane back to San Sebastian, and I played “nurse” or “mother” or whatever all day long. I can’t imagine the pain he had, having to travel for 15 HOURS with that kind of sickness in taxis and buses and planes. Two weeks later, we are still feeling the effects of the sickness–which we suspect was from the water in France— and we are hoping it clears up soon. Yikes.

Anyway . .. all of this explains why I have been “missing” for awhile… on blogging, on emailing, on calling friends and family. Hopefully the internet problem will be cleared up soon (PLEASE!!!) and my “digital life” can get back to normal. Although I don’t think that will EVER be the case until I return to the United States . . .

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  1. Ann says:

    Bre! Your apt is soooo cute! I love it! I’m glad everything ended up working out. And your pictures are great, it looks like your trips were really beautiful… even if you guys did get sick. 🙁 Hang in there, sweetie! Things may be really frustrating, but those great moments you get (France, Running of the Bulls, sitting at the beach drinking in Spain, etc) are truly memorable and in the end, will outweigh the headaches. Love ya! Miss ya! xoAnn

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