Another year older…

Posted on May 7th, 2008 by BreAnn

The saying goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”  And that would be the main reason I haven’t written in over two weeks. Sorry about that!  I’m sure you all have been waiting in suspense for the next blog, haha.

Sad BreAnnAnyway, so I was kind of “in a funk” for a week or two there where I was just SO busy and SO annoyed by this stupid country in general.  Things still kept going wrong… another trip to the stupid Police Station about my stupid Visa and they STILL are asking for more papers. Now they want a DIFFERENT letter from my school and now they want actual photocopies of my bank statements here. ugh.  THEN, there was more “drama” with this package that I’ve been trying to get for TWO MONTHS now. My roomie back in LA, Kim, sent this package out awhile ago with some personal belongings that didn’t fit in my luggage on the way over, but then this package got stuck in a Spanish town nearby for awhile in customs, and then they sent it back to the U.S.!!  WTF??  Then Kim sent the package again, it got stuck again, now the damn Spanish people are saying I need to give them another 75 EURO and send them a copy of my passport to get the package or they will send it back to the US again. WHAT???  How frikking ridiculous!  I already was upset about paying about $100 USD to send it, and now they want to tax me on my own damn clothes and shoes and stuff.  Stupid Spain!

Sonny - sandy mouthOh yea, and poor Sonny got really sick last weekend after a day of hiking and playing on the beach for hours and hours… and I came home that night to dog puke ON MY BED and dog diarrhea all over my bedroom floor EVERYWHERE!  What a disaster.  I was really worried about what was wrong with him, but soon figured out that with the constant throwing of his ball on the beach and him retrieving it, he was repeatedly ingesting sand and it had collected in his tummy. Thank god he puked/pooped it out and I figured out the problem right away, because I read that in the worst cases a sand-ball can form in the dog’s stomach and then they need surgery. Yea, just what I need is another $4,000 dog surgery. At least I know better now. Poor Sonny though!

Anyway, so the past couple weeks I’ve been SUPER busy with work and school and I just really didn’t feel like talking to many people back home or writing any blogs/emails because I was just in an overall sour mood and I didn’t want to spread my bad mood/attitude to more people then I really needed to.

BreAnn's BirthdayOh yea…. and I’m another year older.  My birthday was April 21, a couple weeks ago.  I didn’t really have a problem with adding another year to my age, although the sinking feeling of getting older has kind of been “creeping up on me” since I’ve been in Spain because most of the students at my school are around 20-25 and I’m topping it off at 29 years old this week.  Then when I got a lovely E-card from my dear sister that said, “Enjoy your last year of your 20s!” it really hit me. How sad!!  Damn, I really am getting older.

But age is just a number, right?  I like to think of it that way, because I will always have a lot of energy–at least in my head–and I will never let myself succomb to the, “I’m too old for that,” mentality…

BreAnn and RobinSpeaking of “age is just a number,” I have befriended a delightful Italian girl from school, Robin, who is always a load of fun and good company, has traveled the world, and has a very fun personality and open mind.  We have been spending a lot of time together and have bonded–I think–moreso from the fact we are a bit more mature than “those immature always-drunk 20-something-year-olds” and have a passion for life, for traveling, and for discovering new things.  I’m sad as the days go by because she will be leaving THIS FRIDAY! 🙁  booo!   Now here’s the funny/interesting/surprising thing:  SHE’S ONLY 19!!!  Yep, I’m about 10 full years older. We joked on my birthday that we should both just say we are turning 24 years old because it’s half-way between both our ages.  Anyway, regardless, in my mind she is nothing like the “stereotypical 20-25 year olds” I normally talk about or rag on.  She’s usually cool with me making my normal comments like, “Ugh, this summer is going to be annoying with all those stupid, drunk 20 year olds everywhere,” or “That girl is acting like an immature snot becuase shes 22 or something,” because I have reminded her over and over that none of these comments apply to her and never will.

My new bike!Meanwhile, ironically my new “crush” or whatever you may call it happens to be a SUPER YOUNG GUY from Finland. He definitely seems younger, but not that young… but he’s a sweet guy who is light-hearted, silly, and fun, and VERY complimentary and sweet to me.  I obviously don’t look at whatever we have going as something too serious..  But in general I still find it a bit humorous that half of my circle of friends happen to be almost DECADE younger than I.  I guess I’m definitely taking after my mother!  We all refuse to admit our age or act it.  Why should we?  Forever young!! 🙂

In general, I’m back to happy again (yet still slightly annoyed at stupid Spain!) and loving everything right now.  I knew I’d bounce back!   The weather has totally improved and we’ve had almost an entire week of sunny or non-rainy days, and I laid at the beach all weekend! Robin and I and a few other people took surfing lessons all last week and it was great fun!–even though it’s almost impossible to stand up on the board!  OH!!!  I am SUPER SUPER SUPER excited because I bought a bike last week that I am IN LOVE WITH… silver, pretty, has a basket in the front for Sonny or my purse, it has a part in the back for more storage–but has mainly been used to transport my friends around town with me! I’ve been biking all over town, even to and from the bars at night.

Oh yea, and speaking of bars… WOW what a weekend/week we had last week!  Thursday was “Labor day” here so we didnt have school so of course we headed out Wednesday night— we actually went to a Salsa Dance class and had tons of fun! Afterwards ended up dancing at clubs till the wee hours of the morning.  Thursday was SUPPOSED to be more laid back but somehow we all ended up at our usual Thursday hangout, which then turned into dancing Awesome concert night!all night at a club—WOW, this would be a record so far: Robin and I headed back to my place (on my bike!) at……. drumroll….. 7am!  Yikes. And in bed by 8am.  I guess I’m getting into the Spanish lifestyle,,, especially since now we don’t even go out until 11pm or 12 now.  Anyway, once again Friday ended up being a night out, but a bit more “tame”… (getting home “early” — at 3:30am, haha) followed by a TERRIFIC Saturday night!!!—on Saturday a group of us took a bus to this cute little town, Hondarribia, which is right on the border of France, for this really awesome 5-band concert.  It was a really great group of 6 of us, and Emma was there as well—this Australian girl who I have been hanging out with a lot and becoming close to.  Once again, tons and tons of dancing and fun!! 🙂  The night ended pretty interesting, with me and the cute-young-guy alone, waiting hours for the last train back to San Sebastian. Good times, good times. 🙂

Wow… so now that I’m thinking about what I just wrote–sheesh!—surfing all week, tons of bike riding, dancing every night, and I actually ran a few days, too— hopefully with all that activity I’ve dropped a few pounds, wee!  And I am joining a gym tomorrow with Emma—I FINALLY found a modern gym here, and it is awesome!!  So between the gym, surfing this summer, bike riding, hiking in the mountains (more about that another time), running by the beach, and lots and lots of dancing at the bars…. wow, it’s going to be an active summer!!  —which is TOTALLY “me”!!  Whoo hoo!

OK, well I will try to write a little more often so I don’t end up having to group a ton of updates and information in one long blog like this, and can focus on writing more interesting blogs about specific topics, etc,  . . . but for now, hope you enjoyed my update!



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  1. Ann says:

    Glad to hear the funk is over! I don’t like the sad BreAnn picture! 🙁 Looking forward to hearing more stories. xoxoxo

  2. robin says:

    so many things!!!god we r having soo much fun here!!!!ps thanks for talking about me too,it was very sweet!!see u tonight!!!!

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