Which way to “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” en España?

Posted on March 2nd, 2008 by BreAnn

I have to say, as the weekend comes to a close… it’s been a pretty boring weekend.  I’m usually not bored easily because I can always find ways to entertain myself, whether it be something on the computer, or watching TV, or going outside for a run or walk.

But man . . . first of all I can’t get my jet-lagged butt outta bed until at least 11am. Then, as I had mentioned before, siesta on weekdays is from 1/1:30 until 4, which makes it hard to shop for all the stuff I really need right now… because, if I cant even get out of the damn apartment until 12 or 1, well I’m pretty much out of luck. To make matters worse, Saturday all stores close at 1:30 or 2pm for the day, and after 3 or 4, it’s like a ghost town on the streets.  Sunday… stores are closed all day and all night. Hmmph.

I have a list of things I need to buy, and some of which include: bed sheets (still sleeping on top a comforter with “naked” pillows and one blanket over me), a garbage can, a bath towel, laundry basket, plastic bins/organizers, hangers.  Well what would be the PERFECT store to buy all this?  Well of course a Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Linens N Things would completely suffice. Plus it would be REALLY beneficial if I could find an Office Depot or office store of some sort b/c I need to buy a printer and keyboard, and new desk too.  But I’m not in America . . . the land of over-sized everything, from stores to restaurant meals . . . I’m in a relatively small city in Spain.  Which leaves me with a lot fewer options then I had realized.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, most of the stores in this city are “ma and pa” type stores that are small and sell only a few things… and the majority of them are all clothing or shoe stores. I DONT NEED CLOTHES!  I was told that the closest “bigger store” or mall was WAY out of town, and could only be reached by car. Hmm. Well I guess it will be awhile until I sleep on sheets.  Oh well, no big deal actually. One you’ve been camping  few times, you can sleep on anything.

Meanwhile, my choice of TV watching is a grand total of maybe 8 stations, ALL which are in Spanish.  On Saturday, 3 or 4 of the stations were playing American films, dubbed over en Español… so I couldn’t even fully enjoy those either because I didn’t understand the language.  For about a hour, I got a kick out of watching, “Hey Dude, Donde Esta el Coche?”  hahahah!!!!  Can you guess what movie that is?

Then, I spent probably a day and a half between me, my sister, and another friend, trying to find a way to download/hack some of my favorite American TV shows that I want to see (since a lot of them are getting to the end of the season, and I have been watching them for months, I need to see the last few episodes!!)  Why do we need to hack them from somewhere instead of just watching them on the TV networks’ websites, you may ask?  Well because somehow ABC, NBC, and VH1 Clip not available in your location. What??(and i’m sure every other stupid station) somehow knows that my computer is now located out of the US and WILL NOT let me view or download TV shows from the US.

Which I guess makes sense… becuase only people in the US are able to watch the TV shows when they come out . . . the rest of the world has to wait  few weeks, a few months, or even more then a year to see American TV show series.  My roommates say they watch “Lost” and  “House”, but apparently they don’t get the shows in Spain until more than a month after they are aired in the U.S.

Hmmm. Oh well . . . I’m not too concerned about all of this.  I’ve found a way to download some shows (although it’s a time-consuming process) and have been watching DVDs on my laptop, and I know I’ll get all the sheets, towels, etc, I need within time.

And I HAVE been enjoying exploring the city with Sonny. I took some pictures of the amazing coastline here the other day, it really is a ridiculously beautiful city. It’s surreal to think I’m LIVING here now and I’m not just on vacation.  And the beach is barely a 5-minute walk from my apartment!  Dogs are allowed on the beaches here, and Sonny was SO EXCITED and happy that he got to go on an off-leash dash across the sand.  SIGH.  Good stuff so far!

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the pictures I took of San Sebastian and my apartment so far.

3 responses to “Which way to “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” en España?”

  1. Julie says:

    No such thing as 24-hour ANYTHING in Espana! You should reprogram yourself to getting up earlier and then indulging in the 3-hour siesta 🙂 Not that you haven’t thought of that! What time will your classes be?

  2. breannspain says:

    Classes start at 9:30am…. which will get me up earlier. However, they end at about 1pm… just in time for me to be “free” at siesta and can’t shop then either!! doh!!! haha . . . .

  3. Ann says:

    Bre, those pictures are beautiful. You are so lucky to be in such an amazing city. I love the 9th picture in where it’s gray out but the sun is poking through on the water a bit. Great shots. You’re going to have so much photography after this trip! Hope the camera is treating you well. xoxoxoA

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