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Posted on March 4th, 2008 by BreAnn

The weather’s been pretty horrible the past couple days. Rain (llueve), wind (viento), and COLD (frio)!  Last night it was raining hard and was SO windy, the building was shaking and the windows were rattling and I couldn’t take Sonny outside.  It took about an hour to keep telling Sonny is was OK to pee on a potty pad I had for him in the apartment before he realized I wasn’t going to yell at him for it.  He’s been pretty naughty lately between peeing on the rug in the hallway TWICE and running off one day while we were at the beach…AND GET THIS: HE PEED IN MY BED WHILE I WAS LAYING THERE!!!!  Arrghhh!!!  Suddenly Im like why is my pajama leg wet???  WTF??? Ugh, I feel like I’m constantly scolding him and I think he’s probably always on edge. I think he’s having a hard time adjusting, as funny as that may sound to you non-dog-owners.

I think he’s depressed and misses his “second mommy”, Kim, and I think the apartment isn’t as cozy for him as he’s used to because we have hardwood floors here and there’s no soft ground to lay on. –And when he runs, he slides all over the place!  The guys are nice to Sonny, though, and I’m really pleased that they seem to have taken quite a liking to him, especially since they actually have NEVER grown up with dogs or have had any friends with dogs.  Weird, eh?  Despite the fact I see dogs out walking on the streets with their owners all the time, apparently pets are not that common overall in Spain.  There definitely have not been ANY dogs as small as Sonny, but I HAVE seen a Yorkie or since I have arrived.

Meanwhile, I started class yesterday, Monday, and it’s been two great days so far!  The school is a bit far from my apartment (apartamento)—about a 30-40 minute walk, but I’ve taken the bus (autobús) both days to class because of the weather, and THANK GOD for that!–today it was SO COLD and rainy and so windy you could barely stand up straight. And even the 8 or so block walk from the bus dropoff to the school was pretty bad–my umbrella kept blowing inside out and it was HAILING today!  I haven’t seen hail since college in Wisconsin I think!

My first class is a an hour-and-a-half, from 9:30-11am and it focuses on writing and pronounciation, and then we have a half hour break and another class from 11:30am-1pm that focuses on conversational Spanish. I especially like the profesora in the second class, and she forces us to keep saying things in spanish, even if we don’t completely know the corrent verb tenses or nouns, etc… as long as we are able to get our points across.

I’m really excited to go to class and it’s fun learning the language.  I’m pleased to find that the majority of the language en España is pretty much the same as spanish in Mexico, of course with quite a few minor exceptions, so it’s made things easy to learn since I have a good basis in the language already…. plus, once I am fluent it will be very beneficial once I return to LA.   The biggest difference that will take some getting used to is that “c” and “z” in España are pronounced “th”   So, for example, instead of Barcelona being “Bar – sell -oh – nah” or “Bar – say – loh – nah”, it is pronounced “Bar – th – loh -nah.”  Yikes.  A few other things I’ve found different so far is they don’t use “pardo” for the color brown, and the term exposo/exposa is not commonly used for husband/wife, and instead they use marido/mujer.

Since it’s the off-season, there are only two people in my class!  One girl, Yoke, speaks english and is from Malaysia and is really nice, but she is only in San Sebastian for two weeks of class, and the other girl is from Korea and only speaks Korean and a little Spanish. So the social outlook isn’t the best right now.  SIGH.  I’m DYING to meet some girls (chicas) and go out one of these weekend nights!!

Fortunately, the school sets up several social gatherings every week, so I’ll be attending those in hopes of meeting some more people… and HOPEFULLY some people who speak english!  I have been enjoying speaking and learning Español, but after awhile it’s exhausting having to constantly think of how to get your point across to another person with a very limited vocabulary and goofy hand gestures.

Meanwhile, I’m curled up inside this afternoon, listening to the wind and rain attempt to blow the buildings over, instead of being ouside, exploring the city like I’d prefer to be doing.

Oh well.  There’s always tomorrow.  I have a couple hours to kill before I have to work, and it IS “siesta” right now . . . so I might as well join the rest of the Spanish culture and take a little nap.  🙂

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