Mostly cloudy…with a chance of MANY unfortunate happenings!

Posted on March 18th, 2008 by BreAnn

Wow. What a week. More happenings than I have time to go into, but I’ll try to shorten the details of my somewhat-hellish week.

Let’s just start with: yes, it’s still raining. Not as much as the first week, but I found out that it unfortunately rains here a lot YEAR ROUND.  An umbrella in your bag at all times is a must!  Oh well, we did have a few beautiful days in the last week, so that was nice. Plus, almost every day a new person tells me just how AMAZING and spectacular it is here once summer arrives.

Rachel and BreAnn out on a Friday nightMonday:  Met a new girl at escuela (school), Rachel.  Cute and fun girl from Ireland, but only studying at my school for two weeks.  Dammit, why are there no students studying longer that I have more time to become friends with?? Anyway, for now I was happy I found somebody to hang with for awhile that seems cool and speaks English . . . plus, we both signed up for a 2-week membership at the gym and had plans to go out together the upcoming weekend.

Tuesday:  Mis compañeros, (my roommates), Dani and David, invite me to dinner with their friends. I ASSUME we are going out with a group of guys and girls to a restaurant (don’t ask me where I got that assumption), but after we get picked up in a car by their friend and are in route to our destination, I am told we are going to the guy’s house and his wife is cooking us dinner.  I have read in a Spain book in the past that it is very special when you are invited to dinner at a Spaniard’s house, so I get really nervous and then I’m trying to hurriedly make my shirt look “more conservative” because let’s just say I put on a somewhat sexy top (thinking we were going out to a restaurant with a group of young 20-something-year-olds.)  I didn’t want to offend the wife, and now I was feeling pretty stupid.  Oh well, it wasn’t really THAT bad.  Dinner was nice, but I pretty much spent the entire two hours trying to figure out what the hell they were talking about as they babbled on and on en Español. Fortunately, their guy friend knew good English so he was able to communicate, but pretty much 95% of the night was them talking in Spanish and me sitting there drinking my wine (el vino) and nodding or smiling. haha!!  Also, Dani (one of my roommates, he’s really sweet and speaks decent English) would fill me in now and then about what they were talking about. Was a fun experience though, and I was really honored my roomies felt they could invite me along to such an intimate dinner.

Wednesday:  Come home from class and gym and decide to try out the sandwich maker . . . and after two minutes the machine is on and my sandwich is toasting, POOF! sparks fly and the lights go out. Dammit!  Of course I’m home alone and spend the next 30-40 minutes trying to find a fuse box (with NO luck), and starting to really worry because the sun is going down, I have no flashlight, and I’m supposed to start work in an hour. My computer is only running b/c it has a battery, but I’m not getting internet since the router/modem runs on electricity, and I can’t call my roommates because I don’t have a cellphone yet, and our house phone is a cordless–also plugged in.  I end up figuring out that I have to flip this hidden switch on the electricity box (does NOT look like the fuse boxes in the US), and Dani arrives home in a half hour anyway, so either way I was saved. Phew!

Thursday:  The worst day in history:  MY COMPUTER CRASHED.  Yes, you heard right: my brand-new, gorgeous, red, expensive Dell laptop of ONLY TWO MONTHS took a crap.  I arrived home on Thursday EXHAUSTED beyond belief and looking forward to a shower and nap . . . only to flip on my computer and get some stupid message saying startup recovery won’t work, blah blah blah.  I’m thinking it’s just some dumb message that doesnt really mean anything, and come to find out it’s some fatal error in the hard drive. Long story short, system restore wont bring it back, and once again my overly-nice computer science major roommate, Dani, comes to my rescue (with the help of my sister via IM), recovers my files, and completely reformats the hard drive. I’m leaving out the part where I’m panicking, stressed, and completely upset and devastated that something like this could possibly happen when you just dropped way-too-much-money on a brand new computer just two months prior. . . not to mention this is the ONLY computer I have for work, for email, for calling anybody (via skype phone line on my computer), for everything!!, etc. SIGH. We spend hours upon hours on Thursday and Friday trying to reinstall programs, reorganize files, etc. BLAH!!!!

Oh yea, and over the weekend and today I STILL don’t have all my programs and it has been completely stressful with my boss trying to FTP massive computer programs and files (I’m talking about like 1gb or more of computer programs), me trying to reinstall, and calling different companies having to deal with the serial numbers, etc. UGH.

Fortunately, I had some time to decompress over the weekend a bit — had a LONG typical 2-hour Spanish lunch with Rachel on Friday, a nice night out with Rachel and this guy Will who I met on a travel website (long story… he’s from the US traveling around Spain for business, knew he’d be in San Sebastian and wanted to meet up with somebody who spoke English!), and then Saturday night somewhat went the same way… except Saturday night we went out with a few more people from our school.  Both nights I was actually out until 3am bar close, and with my half Sonny on the beach in San Sebastianhour walk home didn’t get to bed until 4am.

Sunday was just what I needed: stayed in ALL DAY, cleaned the apartment top to bottom, did some laundry, got a ton of homework/studying done, took the dog a la playa (to the beach) —he LOVES the open space to run!!— and just relaxed a bit.

SIGH.  This week will definitely be better:  Wednesday is a holiday, and people have off work that day and Thursday, and then usually through the weekend as well.  So yes: most people have off work Wednesday through Monday, and return to work Tuesday. Which also means I need to “stockpile” a ton of groceries, etc, on Tuesday because NOTHING WILL BE OPEN THOSE FULL SIX DAYS, including supermercados (grocery stores), ugh!!  Gotta love the Spaniards and their constant fiestas. For me, we have off school Friday and Monday, so it’s a 4-day weekend, whoo hoo!  I thought to go out of town somewhere on a mini-vacation, but I need that time to relax and spend some time at home alone.  Especially because my sister arrives next weekend and I will meet her in Barcelona for two days, and then the following weekend we are going to Rome!

Ahhhh!  So much, so much!  I wish I could write more about the fun events of the weekend fiestas but this entry is already ridiculously long . . . .

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