Back to Bicycle Basics & Ode to my car!

Posted on February 15th, 2008 by BreAnn

I forgot how fun it is to ride a bike.  Does that sound stupid?

I ride bikes at the gym. I only do this because it’s a better alternative to running for the stress on my knees.  I ride the bike at the gym to “slack off” . . . because if I ride too fast, or I take a spinning class, I usually want to kill myself (sorry N… just not my thang!)

I am now riding a bike to work. Why?  Because I sold my car last night! It’s GONE!!!!!!!  Which is an exciting thing, because it’s one less thing to worry about before I go, and I got a decent chunk of change from it!!  But it’s also a sad thing . . . it was my very first “new car”.  That ride took me everywhere, across the country and back, and then across country again… out of town for weekend trips, I loved cruising up and down the PCH with the moonroof open and music blasting. SIGH.

Yea yea… so I’m a dork for getting “sentimental” about watching a french couple drive away in my boy, who “took care of me” the last 7 years . . . shielded me from a huge elk in Arizona (no, i’m NOT kidding.. I hit a frikking ELK on the drive out to Cali 3 weeks after i bought the damn car!), he “took one for the team” from a stupid illegal alien who didn’t have a drivers license or insurance and thought he would choose MY car to rear-end and then race off.  He was there for me!

So now the car’s gone… and I have a bike for the week. Thanks to Natanya, I have a beauty-ful gleaming blue beach cruiser with a nice little basket on the front!  My goal is to try to get away without a car as long as possible. I figure for every day I can ride a bike, I save myself $30-50 a day, not to mention burn some extra calories off my ever-growing-ass since I havent been working out AT ALL lately.

But I didnt realize how much fun it is to ride a bike. Weeee!  I can plop my purse and other belongings in the basket up front and pedal my way around the neighborhoods and streets without a care in the world.  And it’s exciting… when it comes to stupid cars, I usually have the right-of-way, nice!

The one thing going through my head about an hour ago as I was coasting down a big hill was . . . “Man, I really want to put Sonny in this basket.”  Ugh. It almost makes me want to gag myself from LA-dog-cute-ness, but I really don’t care.

It has really made me think about getting a bike when I get to Spain… of course I need to see how public transportation is when I get there, and see if I can just get by on walking everywhere, but now I’m feeling that I really want to get a bike!

All I know, is for the next week I know I’m really going to enjoy biking to and from work, and probably to the stores as well. At least it’s my escape for now… until it finally hits me when I realize I only have a few days left to get stuff done before I go and start having panick attacks.


One response to “Back to Bicycle Basics & Ode to my car!”

  1. Linda Christensen says:

    Best wishes on your journey to Spain! I will get my European adult education as I enjoy watching your journey. May God bless you at each and every step!

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