Arrived safe in San Sebastian!

Posted on February 27th, 2008 by BreAnn

Sonny and I arrived safe and sound in San Sebastian this afternoon.  The flights, schedules, and overall situation actually went extremely well . . . considering the total travel time was about 20 hours, and especially considering I was traveling with 3 checked bags and a carry-on dog and SUPER heavy laptop backpack.  AND especially considering the not-so-great way the night prior and the morning before went! The night prior to my flight, I was making a last run down with my stuff for storage and realized that everything wouldn’t all fit in my rental car,,, and became quite a stress as to how to get everything to storage in one trip when it was 11pm!  Then, in the morning, I was of course scrambling last minute to rearrange my damn suitcases because I read something on the Iberia Airlines website that made me think that I could only have 40 lbs per bag and I was OVER on all three!  Ugh.

But then both problems/stresses were alleviated by my ever-wonderful roommate, Kim!  SIGH!  What would I do without that girl?

Anyway, flight from LA to Philadelphia was 5 hours, then an hour and a half layover, then about another 7 hours to Madrid to face a huge 4-hour layover. Ugh!  Both flights went well, and Sonny did just fine. It’s nice when you have a dog that is totally “chill” on airplanes and can easily pee on a potty pad (hiding in airport bathrooms).  Oh yea, but the little snot DID decide to stop suddenly while we were walking in the Philadelphia airport and take a crap. Ugh, embarrassing!  Damn dog…


A bit of confusion in the Madrid airport during my transfer, and had some fun trying to speak the little Spanish that I know to try to find my way. Had to pay for Sonny for the Iberia flight, but only 18 Euro .  . . “Necessito pagar por mi perro.”  I hope when I said that to the woman I didn’t sound like a dumb American.
So I was in the Madrid airport as I typed this beginning part, and I think I must have “jinxed” myself saying everything was going so smoothly with the trip . . . because I arrive in San Sebastian fine, but my three pieces of luggage DID NOT.And now it’s 5 hours later, and I still have no information about them. I also have no clean clothes, no extra food for Sonny, no toiletries (and I don’t smell the prettiest after 20 hours of traveling), and no power adapter for my plug for this computer—so when my batteries run out, I’m screwed.

I went through a bit of “panic” when I first arrived, thinking, “What the HELL am I doing here?” and was completely surprised by my feelings of being terrified and lonely and already homesick . . . but I chalked that up to the normal thought process one must go to when moving to a foreign country alone . . . And I was right.  Because once I took a nap with Sonny and then went for a stroll around the local streets with one of my new roommates, Dani, I was back to “OK”  Dani and I have been laughing for the past hour or two because he only knows a little English and I only know a little Spanish and it becomes amusing to try to communicate with each other. But it’s also a TERRIFIC learning process. We just keep asking each other how to say certain things in each other’s language.  Believe it or not, the little English Dani knows (which is actually quite a bit) he said he has picked up from AMERICAN FILMS. Crazy, eh?

For now, it’s just nice to be relaxing after 2 days of pure back ache (back strains from moving, back/neck pains from carrying luggage, back/neck problems from uncomfortable sleeping positions on airplanes) and tons of stress.

I just wish I didn’t smell so bad right now. Haha!

3 responses to “Arrived safe in San Sebastian!”

  1. Wow! Brings back nostalgic memories of when I was a foreign exchange student in Madrid. How amazing to be given such a non-traditional arrival, with just the clothes on your back! You will make it! I’m keeping an eye on you from here Skyp-O! You are very brave, and seriously, I envy you because I want to do this again — only next time Italy. If you ever need anything, I have peeps in Madrid.

  2. Marty says:

    I’m glad you are doing well, especially with no luggage. You will make it through it and it makes for a great story! Glad to hear you have nice roommates. Can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Michelle says:

    I miss you darling. I am sad I didn’t get to see you before you left, but am glad to hear you are doing well despite the luggage fiasco. Live it up!!!

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