One month…

Posted on January 27th, 2008 by BreAnn

As of yesterday, I will be on a plane to Spain in EXACTLY ONE MONTH!!

I really can’t believe it’s sneaking up so fast. I’m starting to panick about getting everything packed, stored, sold, etc, in time!  I’ve been doing pretty good, though, with prepping for the big move… every day I’m organizing something, packing something, selling something on ebay.  I can just trust that it will all work out in the end and it will be wonderful once I step foot on that plane and close my eyes….

Good news updates:
—My VISA was processed and I picked it up last week, whoo hoo!!  Everything is completely set now,,, with me being able to enter the country, etc.
—My work has finalized my approval to KEEP MY JOB WHILE I AM IN SPAIN and just telecommute!!!!!!  Yep, that’s right… I’m THAT good (haha j/k)!   I will continue my full time position while I’m in Spain and just attend our normal online meetings, and keep in full contact with my boss and our marketing team in Boston.  It is fortunate that the type of work I do only requires a computer, telephone, and internet connection!
—In addition, I still can do my freelance work for Deborah, the woman I work for on the weekends.  Money money money,,,, money!

Bad news update:  The guy in San Sebastian who has been such a wonderful contact and connection, Txema, got a fantastic job offer in Barcelona and is moving away!!!  He had offered for me to stay with him when I arrive in San Sebastian until I find an apartment,,, but now he will be gone by the time I get there!!  dammit!!!  I realized through apartment hunting that I would rather wait until I get there, so that I can look at the apartments in person before agreeing to rent…  so I’m just going to have to find other options.  We’ll see . . .

Meanwhile, just trying to pack things up, sort things out, send stuff to goodwill, sell stuff on ebay (man, have I banked a LOT of money selling shit on that site!!), and figure out what I’m storing and what I’m bringing along.  Also, dealing with health insurance, dog stuff, TONS of technical issues (I bought a new laptop and need to set it up with all the software I need… plus I have to consolidate all my billions of files from my three computers down to one, and figure out what files I’ll need to bring with me to Spain.)  I’m getting nervous about selling all my stuff in time… especially my car!  I had to get a ton of updates, etc, and fixing it up in the past month and thats been stressful as well.


But at least I’m actually not “freaking out” as much as anybody would think!  I’m just taking it one day at a time, knowing that I’ll get it all done eventually.

For now… I’m just taking in every moment I spend with friends, taking “mental snapshots” of times together, and keeping them stored in my mind for the year ahead while I am away.

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